Mind Body Soul

Mind Body Soul

As a group we host many healthy activities, from simple litter picking, through to Tai Chi on a weekly basis. There is an outdoor gym and plans to expand the use of the park.

Community Events

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER to come to our events. Our aim is to bring together our community. In the longer term we have an ambitions range of ideas, join our newsletter for more information.

Discuss, Plan,Implement. All always welcome
Events held in The grounds
Events we hold in the Local Area
Mind Body and Soul
Membership Or Not?

Membership Or Not?

You do not have to be a member to enjoy any activities we have.

There was two choices, help create the local space move into the 21st century, a place for all to enjoy that is more community based, or carry on with the status quo and leave it with reduced funding, less services and who knows what.

There is an alternative - Working with the Council to create a self funding community space, whilst reducing Council costs, this results in happiness all round.

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