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About the friends

The Friends’ objective is to improve Harrow Weald Recreation Ground for the Local community, WE ARE THAT LOCAL COMMUNITY. Our aims and objectives have been set out in a 5-year plan that demonstrates how a transparent working partnership with Harrow Council and local businesses will support a myriad of community needs fostering community cohesion, education, health and wellbeing from our local park, whilst saving money for our local councils ever stretched budget. We're all in it together

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Mind Body Soul

As a group we host many healthy activities, from simple litter picking, through to Tai Chi on a weekly basis. There is an outdoor gym and plans to expand the use of the park.

The Friends Of Harrow Weald

Community Events

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER to come to our events. Our aim is to bring together our community. In the longer term we have an ambitions range of ideas, join our newsletter for more information.

Discuss, Plan,Implement. All always welcome
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In Only Six Months!
13 June 2018

Written by The Friends


What’s going on with the past six months - It’s a funny olde planet we live on.

In life you can be blind to what’s around you, sometimes by choice, sometimes due to lack of time and intensity of life.

The friends are an amazing group of people who work towards making our space a better place for all.

Royal Wedding Final
22 May 2018

Written by The Friends

Royal Wedding preparations - The events behind the scenes for this event were eventful to say the least. 

A BIG SHOUT OUT AND THANK YOU to all the people who help keep our space clean, which has lifted the vibrancy and the buzz in the park generally, from cleaning, maintaining, hedge cutting and regular sessions chilling with other locals.

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Membership Or Not?
Join In - It's Your Space

Membership Or Not?

You do not have to be a member to enjoy any activities we have.

There was two choices, help create the local space move into the 21st century, a place for all to enjoy that is more community based, or carry on with the status quo and leave it with reduced funding, less services and who knows what.

There is an alternative - Working with the Council to create a self funding community space, whilst reducing Council costs, this results in happiness all round.

Next Event (Dog Show with Judges and Dogs)









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