About The Friends

Aims and Objectives:

The Friends’ objective is to improve the park.

The Friends will work with park users, residents, the local authority, sponsors and any other individuals or groups to achieve this aim.

Issues and concerns will be turned into positive action in a democratic way.

Aims and objectives will be set out in a 5-year plan.

The Bestest park, that's not a park in Harrow Weald

We are a group of local people who have come together and volunteer their to help the local space we all use. 

If you would like to get involved we have people dedicated to several areas of interest looking after the park, who together volunteer their time in groups. 

You can access our plans and goals, you can suggest things, help build this website, join the bugs squad and be surprised how many little bugs make our park healthy.


Events Team
As time goes on and we grow we are hoping to start using the park for community social events.

Public Engagement
Update and grow the website and social media using it both as a platform to let people know what we are doing and informing members of groups information.

Fund Raisers
To date we have received great, if not tremendous support from some of the local businesses, all monies donated gets spent on our goals.

Biodiversity + The Bug Squad
Looking after various areas of the park health and teaching members about Biodiversity.

Clean Up + Gardening Crew
All are welcome, come and get involved, it's fun, friendly and you get to meet local people. We tidy up the park, and look after gardening things.

Crime or Antisocial behaviour
Sometimes things go wrong. This group works with the local council and the Safer Neighbourhood Team to help our park stay problem free.

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