You’re donations are used for the various activities The Friends undertake.

Over the coming weeks and months we hold a range of activities which are not always profitable in money terms but are highly beneficial and valuable in relation to getting the community together have some fun and helping to get to know your local community.

How personal donations help.

  • Purchase of garden tools.
  • Organising educational and interesting outdoor related talks.
  • making contact with isolated people and encouraging them to come to party central for a cup of tea and cake.
  • Help local groups using the grounds.
  • Pay for notices.
  • Other park related needs 

Over the coming months The Friends have an ambitious set of plans to liven up Harrow Weald Recreation Ground with healthy and fun activities. Business donations will be used for the more expensive goals we have set out in our five year plan.

Your donation will be used for:

“No one is useless in this world" Donations lightens the burdens of anothers!

  • Adding News games tables for old people and young people to play chess, draughts, shesh pesh, whatever they like so long as they are enjoying themselves.
  • Funding for newly acquired caretakers shed known as party central
  • Funding for our social enterprise ambitions.
  • Funding for park furniture.
  • Funding for events. 

Donate to The Friends Of Harrow Weald Recreation Ground

We appreciate all donations 

Thank you in advance.