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The Friends of Harrow Weald

We work towards helping parks to become carbon neutral spaces offering free drinking water, is litter, plastic, and hassle free. Parks can be self-funding when strengthened with a support hub of community groups and local businesses.

It saddened us all to see the parks and outdoor spaces going to wreck and ruin and not being used as the great community spaces they should be. We looked at what we could do with sensible research, conversation and action.

Our Mission
Areas & Parks can be healthier

You are only on the planet such a short time, enjoy everyday! Don't let the buggers get you down, it's your life. Spend an hour in your park.

Harrow Weald Recreation Ground Aka Boxtree Park

Read about how our out of the box thinking helps shape Harrow Weald Recreation Ground and the surrounding area.

Make time to Volunteer, Make a Difference

When local residents adopt, care and take responsibility for their local parks and area, the love is felt everywhere.


Thinking out the box at Boxtree Park

Business & community relations

Business and community working together


A Beautiful & Worry-free Space

For everyone to enjoy together as a community


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Helping around your community is healthy!

Why get involved?

We work towards creating smart parks, that are strengthened with a supporting community hub of local businesses, groups and the local authority to become stronger together by sharing information and ideas, building awareness, creating a knowledge bank, and sharing technical skills.

Rather than blaming others for any problems, we aim to find solutions and, where possible, to reduce any public costs with sensible research, conversation and action.


Thinking out the box at Boxtree Park