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The Picnic organisation is going on and on and on………… But fun

These were delivered by 10 different people – That’s amazing – If you did not get a leaflet through your door please blame one of the others, you are invited anyways.

Fridge / Freezer
We are still on the lookout for a fridge freezer but maybe have solved this, so bottom line we still need one.

We had Urns bought for us, provided to us, to use and bag of tea bags so all sorted on the Urn Front

Chairs & Tables
We have been given about 30 chairs and some garden tables, these will be available in Pak (T) Central if you need them for chilling and playing backgammon, or cards, or chess or draughts

We have had several offers (Thank you) we are meeting at Memorial hall on Monday 124th May 7 PM.

Over the coming days we will be in Park (T) Central, if the door is open please stop by for a cup of tea and maybe biscuit