Creating tomorrow's parks today!

"If we don't do it who will?"

The Friends of Harrow Weald are working towards transforming parks into the very best community centres, for the benefit of both the environment and park users.

Parks should be community minded,  carbon neutral and kept free from plastic and general litter. park users, should always have access to free public drinking water, offer a safe environment for all, with a strong emphasis on recycling and teaching

We place a special emphasis on the carers of people with ADHD, Dementia and similar conditions, community parks should also offer people with ill health, a nice community place to recoup in the great outdoors. 

Sections of parks should offer quiet and safe places for people to spend some relaxing time outdoors, as well as providing the opportunity to chat with people who want to meet other locals. Areas of parks should offer younger people a place to enjoy and learn about nature, whilst educational and inspiring projects encourage people who might not normally venture out much to view local parks as a safe place to come and relax - Enjoying life is important! 

The Friends have shown that parks can become an extension to our homes. Indeed, regular users feel at home in the park and enjoy the space and freedom it provides.

"Help build tomorrow's parks today!" 

Recycling projects, including water and waste. 

Supporting Nature Fauna and flora and Education and Nature.

Financial and Environmental Sustainability

Ensure inclusion for all

Using a convergence of nature, technology and education ensures our recycling projects work towards creating tomorrows parks today.

"If we, as the community don't do it who will?"

We so need your help, your energy, and importantly your personality, we strive and grow on getting involved with others locally. 

So what do we do?

We are generally busy organising nice "things" around Harrow Weald, Harrow and the Wealds ("things" is the list of "stuff" we do which would make a very very long read!)

Our park is a community centre with a hive of "things" going on 

As a community we started with lots of ideas of how we would see our local park and area, and through community chats and locals goodwill, we found more ideas came to reality than we expected.

Here are just some of the many many things we all get up to, it’s like a train, but nothing would happen without each and every single person.

These are just some of the examples of how, no matter where we begin, we can all join together to make things better for the park and our local community.  There are so many people who are responsible for making these changes happen, including our team of regular litter pickers, the talented fixers, professional craftsmen and skilled workers, and those who help us progress by keeping our spirits high with their positive attitude. 

  • Support community activities
  • Carrying out Park Maintenance
  • Recording & monitoring Wildlife,
  • A growing Biodiversity Crew,
  • Gate Lockers,
  • Biodiversity - Gardening,
  • Healthy Harrow Weald Group,
  • Crime or Antisocial group
  • Event Organisers Group,
  • History Harrow Weald group.

How did this happen? A bunch of strangers, some stranger than others just seemed to evolve.

Community engagement – community style

On the 21st Nov we were proud to have breakfast with about 50 strangers, they arrived at 10am, blitzed our park with hard work, digging and diving, showing tremendous care for nature, sparkled love everywhere and disappeared. This 2 hour session was just amazing.



ParkLife cafe

Parklife Café we are not a commercial business, we are a community so everything is community motivated.

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A place to smile

We are pleased to announce with the help of our volunteers and Café team, who together created our amazingly connected recycling and reuse food and waste policy. Well done to all involved ParkLife Café has been awarded a 5 star food rating.

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Recycle reuse

Our recycling policy is different in the way we supply and receive each product to different organisations, ultimately recycling more than 80% of everything.

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Litter Picking Collection hubs

Who are we?

A group of local people concerned about littering, fly-tipping and antisocial behaviours that leads to litter in the London Borough of Harrow.

We are park groups, businesses, community groups and individuals that work together to create a network of places around Harrow that residents can collect free litter picking equipment.

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