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Parks for everyone to enjoy together as a community

The Friend Of Harrow Weald

Our mission!

We believe parks make the very best community centres, that should be carbon neutral spaces offering free drinking water, is litter, plastic, and hassle free.

Parks are strengthened with a supporting community hub of local businesses, community groups and the local authority to become stronger together, which also helps reduce public costs.

Community groups

We are all connected!

The Friends of Harrow Weald is a charity that started as a community group and love what we do, fully understanding how hard it is to find funds for projects and ideas.

So the residents sat down as a community, talked, chatted, and drank copious barrels of cider and found ways to generate small income from the internet, then built a platform to share with other community groups.

Our volunteers have created a free to use opensource platform that offers a complete set of free management tools for park groups, integrated with multiple social media platforms, and includes ways to create small sums of money directly with YOUR park and community group.