Harrow Weald Recreation Ground is on the corner of Boxtree Lane and Boxtree Road, known locally as Boxtree Park. The park was gifted to the community over 100 years ago.

Our park website can be found here boxtreepark.co.uk

Around our small park you will find children’s play areas, bowling greens, football pitches, quiet shaded areas and fields to run wild in, and outdoor gym equipment, all within a clean and safe place.

The grounds are kept clean and maintained by a group of volunteers, under the guidance of Harrow Council



We would like to find ways to help you!

Sometimes the simplest things can make a difference. Please tell us if, or how, we can give you that little bit of help that would make a small, or big, difference.

We pride ourselves on being helpful and thoughtful and seeking solutions to problems.


Are you a local resident?

Do you need help in some way?

Would you like to meet other local people?


We have a can-do attitude! 

Whilst we might not be able to move every mountain, we are always happy to sit down with you and have a chat over a cup of tea, or to receive an email to see if we can help with any worries that you might have.

Sometimes it’s just about asking, or talking! 


Charities & community groups

We can offer you a selection of free internet-based services to support your goals and heighten your exposure within Harrow.

If there is ever anything we can do to help, please drop us a line. Though we can't always provide the help you might need, if you ask, we will try!


Are you a carer?

We are trying to reach out to local carers to see how we can HELP YOU?  What can we do to help you make better use of our parks and local space?  If you are a carer,  perhaps there are some ways that we can make things easier for you. Contact us, or stop by for a chat.

"Positive attitude creates positive thinking, which creates healthy positivity"

GET IN TOUCH - Come and visit us.  Our park site can be found here boxtreepark.co.uk

BOWL IN GREEN - Find out more, join, try, or just come and watch.
SOCCER PITCHES - Find out more - We are lucky to be the chosen home of Kodak FC.  They are always looking for interested players.  
CRICKET GREEN - This is one of the wonderful mysteries of our space.  We have mislaid the Cricket Green and an ongoing search is underway. 
KIDS' PLAY AREA  - A safe and clean place to bring your children to.