Can we help your park friends group or community group?

Features: Free park and community management suite!

This is a free to use community project, developed to help park user group and community groups.

Many features are fully functioning and there is still a lot more to do, with new features being added all the time. We welcome early adopters and testers with extra help, features and support as a thank you! Volunteers Welcome!

 Bespoke Functionality

  • We are also a park user group (open in new window)
  • is our answer to addressing the many issues and mountains we have to climb, regularly.
  • Together we can do so much more.

Register and log back in 

  • 1:  Register and we will transfer your access to your local park If your park is already listed you can use the claim button on park
  • 2:  Once your account is verified, you can add more page features, pictures, information and access user only areas.

Fully featured webpage

  • Simple to set up webpage loaded with features
  • Fully self service & full volunteer support if required
  • Included in-page social marketing features
  • Connected directly to multiple social media platform
  • Automatically Includes search engine friendly metadata
  • Direct to your email contact forms
  • Can create a small steady income for your group

The Library - Together we create!

  • Access to community information, documents and reports (reports coming mid 2021)
  • Share ideas with your peers
  • Find ideas for community events and help to set them up
  • Build an information resource around your group.

Event Management

  • Create as many park or community group events as required
  • Marketing tools to help share your event
  • Via several social media platforms
  • Newsletters
  • Upselling possible 

Widgets placed on your website or local businesses

  • Place your events on park and venue pages directly
  • Add your information to other websites

Generate small extra incomes for your group

  • Your group keep all profits
  • Easy to set up and we offer free volunteer support if you need
  • We provide your group with free products to sell
  • Sell in autopilot:
  • Single products
  • Your own products
  • Supplied products
  • Sell membership
  • Sell gift cards  

Build lists of local groups community group and business around your park, create your own support hub.

  • Event sponsorship
  • Project work and costs
  • Your group keep all profits

Simple to set up and use:

  • We do not charge transaction fee’s
  • We are transparent with everything as friends should be
  • Together we can create!
  • Need help setting up, we have volunteers waiting to help

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