This project:

Installation of Bat and Bird boxes are a great edition to any space, but why not install bat and bird boxes, with online facilities, allowing locals to view their activities.

Bird & Bat walks often prove to be a hit with those who attended local events, and we are sure that many more families and individuals will enjoy watching the activities of these intriguing flying mammals. In addition, the great variety of birdlife that can be seen in the area will be highlighted for everyone to log in and see.

Each bat and bird box will be securely located with live feed cameras offering potentially great footage.

This is an exciting addition to the park and will help the community to understand more about the wildlife around us.

The existence of the boxes should also help local wildlife and give young people, particularly, an ideal opportunity to learn about and enjoy the wildlife around them, in a non-intrusive way.


Help wildlife
increase critter presence
Enjoy the wildlife in a non-intrusive way
Engage locals and young people to get involved



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