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Gardening clubs

New 2022

Over the past couple of years our community has enjoyed looking after the nature and the bugs around our park, this is a win win for all involved.

Volunteers meet new people, learn and share gardening skills, the bugs get cleaned areas to play and flourish, we all learn about the parks ecosystem, and everyone feels happier when in the park.



Kid Gardening club

Kid Gardening club – We offer several kids gardening clubs, one during the week a weekend club and Nature Hero’s certificates in partnership with Harrow Nature Heroes.



Super Sunday with a breakfast NOT in bed snack chat

We meet every Sunday at 10AM to litter pick around our park and area, but once a month we have a Super Sunday (Litter pick plus refreshments) we meet up, litter pick, tidy up and do some light maintenance around our park. Super Sundays include a light breakfast, tables and places to sit and chat with others.



If we don't do it who will?

Our Gardening club is very flexible.

To get involved pop into the café or come over to our park on any Sunday morning between 10 -12

We organise regular days and random days including Super Sundays - Breakfast not in bed., helping nature around our park in NOT work, it must be fun, relaxing, enjoyable and chilled.

Once you are registered you may find happiness from gardening anytime of the week that suits you.