Why advertise on our local community website?

It makes good business sense to spend some of your marketing budget supporting your local residents.

We offer a number of small marketing packages and are able to create personalised packages for your business in ways that are logical and new. 

Supporting community gets your business seen as part of the community

Targeted localised marketing opportunities

Supporting communities in new and different ways

  * Sponsor a community in your area!
  * Sponsor a community events in your area! 
  * Localised advertising on multiple platforms .

Why is social marketing different from normal marketing?

Your business can connect directly with residents directly. 

Your marketing money, is used to fund projects, improving communication between stake holders, parks and surrounding areas.

Communities Growing: Fresh Ideas

As a charity we are building an open source platform to offer all parks a free set of management tools, including ways to generate new income streams from the internet

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