Come on over and have a cuppa.

All Welcome

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Food of the seasons, for mind body and soul.

From learning to cook to enjoying the outdoor stage for music on theatre we try to offer a broad range of activities, and where possible for free.

Everything we do is only possible through the dedication and commitment from our local residents, it’s not work or a bind it’s relaxing fun and you get to know your locals. 

We are always looking at new ways to work with local people, businesses, and other community groups.

Come on over and have a cuppa.

All Welcome

Guest Chef's wanted

For events

Share your skills with the local community. We are looking for local Chefs for guest event appearances, if this is you and want to create something special for the locals get in touch. 

Volunteers wanted

Your help wanted

Volunteers to help out at various times.  We hold many low cost and free events, these are only possible with the support of of members,  volunteers, residents and local businesses.

Dogs welcome

Our Food Policy

We use fresh produce and all food is prepared with love.

We try where possible to use seasonal produce, and often have specials based on events, guests chef’s and the seasons.

Our Core Values

Community minded. 

Creating a place local residents can use as a relaxing place to chill and meet others, all profits back into our parks wellbeing.

Know More

Food events

Parklife Cafe is a community space offering a nice place to relax offering quality food at community prices. 


We encourage you to get involved, our community events are for the  community and about the community, a great way to meet the locals and relax locally

Are you a local business or trader why not get involved fill out our traders form and lets work together.

About ParkLife Cafe

After over 30 years of disuse set is over 5 acres of peaceful parkland saw this building renovated for community use.

Everything must be fun, or why do it?  

We create and foster a hassle free space where all are welcome and you know the names of others around you. 

NOTHING would be possible without people like you getting involved. Our members, supporters, volunteers and local residents have created something special we all enjoy, and reaches far beyond the park gates.

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