Food kissed by the sun and produced with love.

Our Menu

Caring about health & wellbeing

ParkLife cafe is a small and inexpensive place where people can go to eat, and enjoy time together.

All Welcome –Your local community space is attached to over five acres of varied parkland.

We use seasonal produce where possible, operate an earth friendly recycling program and all profits support building tomorrow’s park today!

Parklife Café offers a welcoming place where you can chat and relax with others, while enjoying tasty fresh food and a variety of drinks at community prices

Please let us know if you have any allergens.

Nuts: some food may contains nuts and some of our volunteers are nuts

Our menu

ParkLife Cafe

All our Vegan products are homemade using cleaned utensils and pots and are prepared away from milk & meat products.

All meat products contain meat

Cold peas will never be hot, equally hot peas are sometimes cold

Please always tell us if anything is not right for you < It’s all about you you you! 


Food for meetings or parties

Fresh for you!

If you have any specific requests please contact us.