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Food events

Parklife Cafe is a community space offering a nice place to relax offering quality food at community prices. 


We encourage you to get involved, our community events are for the  community and about the community, a great way to meet the locals and relax locally

Are you a local business or trader why not get involved fill out our traders form and lets work together.

Community events

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We hold events both in the park and in the cafe.

About our events

Our park is our community centre - All Welcome

From learning to cook to enjoying the outdoor stage for music on theatre we try to offer a broad range of activities, and where possible for free.

Everything we do is only possible through the dedication and commitment from our local residents, it’s not work or a bind it’s relaxing fun and you get to know your locals. 

Free WiFi For Everyone

Ask for password to any staff

Our Food Policy

We use fresh produce and all food is prepared with love.

Each day we sell the days specials and other items at reduced prices. The available meals are texted out at 6PM each day and sent on a first come first serve basis

Our Core Values

Vegans, vegetarians carnivores are all catered for, with consideration and understanding, items are never cross contaminated and cooking never overlaps.

When we say vegi it is vegi, no face involved ever,  your happiness and time with us will always be relaxed.  

Guest Chef's wanted

For events

Share your skills with the local community. We are looking for local Chefs for guest event appearances, if this is you and want to create something special for the locals get in touch.

Volunteers wanted

Your help wanted

Volunteers to help out at various times.  We hold many low cost and free events, these are only possible with the support of of members,  volunteers, residents and local businesses.