Creating tomorrows parks today! "If we don't do it who will?"


The Friends of Harrow Weald work towards transforming parks into the very best community centres. For the benefit of both the environment and park users, parks should be carbon neutral and kept free from plastic and general litter, provide accessible drinking water and a safe environment for all with a strong emphasis on recycling and teaching.

We place a special emphasis on the carers of people with ADHD, Dementia and similar conditions.

Sections of parks should offer quiet and safe places for people to spend some relaxing time outdoors, as well as providing the opportunity to chatting with people who want to meet other locals. Areas of parks should offer younger people a place to enjoy and learn about nature, whilst educational and inspiring projects encourage people who might not normally venture out much to view local parks as a safe place to come and relax - Enjoying life is important! 

The Friends have shown that parks can become an extension to our homes. Indeed, regular users feel at home in the park and enjoy the space and freedom it provides.

"Joining up the dots between people, nature and the well being for all involved,

brings communities together" 



Your donation helps build tomorrows parks today!

Recycling projects, including water and waste. 

Supporting Nature Fauna and flora and Education and Nature.

Health and wellbeing, Social isolation, Community cohesion, Fauna and flora, Education, Nature, Financial and Environmental Sustainability which allows people to have fun and relax with the locals in parks. 

Allowing us to make events free to ensure inclusion for all


Using a convergence of nature, technology and education to ensure our recycling projects work towards creating carbon neutral, solar powered, plastic free parks.


Donate materials to recyling projects

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Donate small items or stock to our charity 

Donate Time

Recycle materials for projects

Recycle Apples

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6060 Donate materials to recyling projects

Do you have some spare wood or rocks, maybe you have a business with a surplus of products.

Part of this project will see the recycling of 1000's of litres of water for community and nature's use.

Recycling is at the heart of many things we do; over the coming months we will be expanding some of our recycling projects.


We will be building several sections around our park to aid nature and bugs, inspired through learning and to introduce new and exciting ideas.


As part of our creating tomorrow’s parks today mission, we will be using a gigabit leased line into the park which will enable us to use technology around the park in new and interesting ways. We are fortunate enough to have enough support from the local community, to allow us to extend this throughout the park.

Building materials:

We are looking for building materials, if you can offer any materials, please contact us.


      • Outdoor furniture
      • Items for the Sensory Gardens
      • Items for Christmas events
      • Small benches
      • Medium size tables
      • Large games tables
      • Wood pallets
      • Rocks and gravel
      • Wood
      • Old or new railways sleepers
      • Wooden poles and fencing 
      • Outdoor garden nic naks and odd things
      • Garden ornaments
      • Fountain equipment
      • Sea shells
      • Books, 4G Routers & Repeaters
      • Gardening equipment


6060 Donate via Ebay

Thanks to eBay for charity you can raise more money for The Friends of Harrow Weald. Every time you do a transaction – whether buying or selling – you can help improve lives.

Buyers can shop for a bargain knowing they are supporting us and sellers can choose to donate between 10 and 100 per cent of a final sale price to help fund building Community projects.

If you’d like to support us every time you buy or sell, all you have to do is to ‘favourite’ us as your chosen charity on eBay.


6060 Donate a picture

Do you have some pictures you could you donate or a piece of art we can sell? Alternatively if you would like to sell your own products through our shop.


6060 Donate Via you Amazon purchases

Whenever you shop with Amazon, you can now support The Friends Of Harrow Weald  At no cost to you! You’ll get the same Amazon products, the same Amazon low prices, and the same Amazon service. 

You shop, same products, same prices, same service. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the sale to us. All you have to do is selection The Friends of Harrow Weald as your preferred charity at

Here’s how to do it: 

Log in to your normal Amazon account but through

Select The Friends of Harrow Weald as your chosen charity

Whenever you purchase through the site, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the total directly to us!

Right now, this is only available through your web browser and not available through the Amazon app. But we’ll keep you posted if this changes.

…...................... at no extra cost to you!



6060 Donate small items or stock to our charity shop


For businesses

Donating surplus or imperfect stock actually increases tax efficiency by transferring old stock into a cash charitable donation. Do you have a few products that would be right for our shop? we are always looking for new supply partners 

For individuals

Donate your best second-hand clothes and small goods. We can arrange collection.


iPhones, iPads, Androids and high-end electronics


Designer brands are recommended


7", 10" and 12" vinyl records

Video games

Vintage console games (1990s/early 2000s)


Any kind, so long as they're in good condition!


Items like collections, old toys, coins and stamps etc

Esspresso sets

Illy, Porsche sets


Any quality pieces you have!


Older the better.


Anything small - vases, bowls, you name it

Premium Camera Equipment

Cameras, tripods, bags, filters, lens


6060 Donate Time


6060 Recycle materials for projects


6060 Recycle Apples

Most people have way to many apples even after cooking apple pies, chuckneys, sauces, so we started to collect these excess apples and partnered with an apple press to produce The Friends community orchard apple juice to sell in our community centre and online.

Would you be happy to donated some apples? Contact us to donate apples, we can collect or supply postage details for boxes. 


6060 Play Raffle win 25K

Harrow Wins is an exciting weekly lottery that raises money for good causes in Harrow.

All good causes supported by the lottery will benefit Harrow and its residents.


Play the lottery, support Harrow - it’s that simple! 

6060 Random Acts of Kindness 

Supporting Community.- Your donation supports communities getting to know each other.

WHY DONATE £5 or £700

By donating just £5 towards Random Acts Of Kindness you will experience a deep reaching sense of inner happiness for you the Giver and the Recipient.

Inner happiness is one of the best ingredients to wellbeing, so we suggest making a kind donation of just £5 towards a good gesture, is like buying a small portion of happiness and wellbeing that keeps giving, without having to go out to the health shop.



 £5 –  Supports Random kind Acts

£10 –  Supports More Random Acts

£15 –  Towards creating future Random Acts

£20 –  Random Acts directed at the wildlife

£50 –  Nearly making everyone cry level of Kindest

£100 – Towards wildlife education

£500 -  Helps towards those extra things that make everything easier/nicer.

£750 – Towards our larger planned Random Acts of Kindness.


6060 Donating money

"Parks should provide open areas and facilities that offer opportunities to exercise, join in events, meet, and make friends, as well as somewhere to relax and enjoy the environment, but often lacks funding and bogged down with bureaucracy"