Thank you for your interest in our vision of social marketing.

The Friends of Harrow Weald are involved with turning parks into centres for the community that provide wellbeing for nature, bugs and humans alike, with education and financial sustainability running through everything!


We would love to find ways to work with your business or organisation

You can invest in our work in many ways, whether that is financially, by volunteering and helping with projects, admin and office support, or by providing much needed materials and expertise. 

In return, we will promote your business and its support within the local community, online and through our events. Your contribution will show the community your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our aim is to build relationships around your business goals and our mission to help create tomorrow's parks today!


What is social marketing and why is it different from normal marketing?

Your business is able to connect directly with local residents, whilst being seen to support our projects.  At the same time your marketing budget helps to improve all aspects of our park and surrounding areas.


The good we do together will bring happiness to your heart. 

"Get your business seen in the community as part of the community!"

Social Marketing


You would be in good company.

Our work is in partnership and supported by the Local Authority, local and national businesses and, most importantly, residents.

We are funded and supported in a combination of ways; donations, grants, the national lottery, central Government, Google and more. 

What we are doing is different and our work is beyond the statutory duties and responsabilites of the Local Authorities.


Examples of some of the projects your marketing money will help fund includes:

Recycling 1000’s of litres of water, creating peaceful places where people can relax and talk to each other, using technology to help park nature and spark interest in younger people, and helping to fund the free drinking water that should be available everywhere.   Indeed the list is endless.


Get started today, we guarantee you value for money and a great ROI


Not sure yet? Why not try our FREE forever community marketing page:

Head over to our ParkLife platform and register your business.  This will get your business seen locally to your park and includes a host of free to use tools, and is automatically shared with various social media platforms.


Small trial offer £75 with a mixed bouquet marketing package:

  • Banners: Minimum 250000 impressions
  • Banners: "multiple sizes".  Run of banner across all our websites.
  • Email newsletter x 1
  • Social media shots x 1 Facebook
  • Social media shots x 1 Instagram
  • Social media shots x 1 LinkedIn
  • Business listing + Located within our ParkLife platform.
  • Business listing includes 1 Year featured position + Auto renew or revert to free forever.

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Marketing and sponsorships

Could your business fund a project or sponsor an event?

Projects bring wellbeing for nature and humans alike.

Sponsorship allows beautiful things to happen:

  • Bringing together a temple, disability organisation and local resident to enjoy and play in the park together, with a free picnic for all and an afternoon of fun games, four per year.
  • festivals
  • health events
  • art events
  • competitions
  • professional educators to provide free park events for children


Department of mad ideas 

National and local projects.

The Friends are a community led group, therefore bubbling with excellent and different ideas.

We have a secret box full of projects that are being rolled out over the coming months and are clever, logical, community minded, inventive, or inspiring. 

Get in touch and let's do amazing things together!  

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