"Get your business seen in the community as part of the community!"


What is Social Marketing?

Social marketing offers you a bouquet of localised opportunities to advertise and support communities in new and different ways.

Sponsor a community hub in your area!

Sponsor a community in your area!

Localised advertising on multiple platforms


Why is it different from normal marketing?

All money raised is used to directly fund projects, improve all aspects park and surrounding areas.


How we see social marketing works.


Example: Profit breakdown Purchase price: £25


£10 Goes towards your local online community hub

£4 Goes towards our charities park goals

£4 Ringfenced for larger projects

£2 Goes directly to FOHWRG (Our local community group)

The remainder goes directly to costs and admin


Example: Marketing bundle

22000 (Twenty two thousand) Impressions, unlimited banners & clicks * ROS

Banner sizes: 200×200 – 728×90 – 468 x 60 – 250 x 250 – 300 x 300

1 x Email broadcast + Article

3 x Social Media shots + Links Terms:

22000 Impressions

The Friends are a UK charity we guarantee you satisfaction.


How can you guarantee satisfaction?

You can see from the picture below our online benefits from internet traffic comes from various source and grows day on day.

Our technical team have built a platform that helps community groups in several different ways offer us further reach.

We also benefit from corporate sponsors that helps fund some of our online marketing to build our platform.

This is all achieved via our localised online hubs map, the online charity shop, email newsletters, social media, and several other growing areas of targeted traffic.




Get your business seen in the community as part of the community.



Do we offer agency discount?

Please contact us directly