Mixing it up within the community centre.

We all know how important it is to talk to others, community parks created a place where other people are involved with projects, activities, and community events, this helps create a mix of ideas, forms relationships, chat about projects, and goodness is sprinkled to all involved.

Below are some examples of the projects we have created to keep people meeting and talking.

Everything is our world is interlinked, therefore allows people to enjoy different things in their own areas of interest. The most basic volunteer effort Is to have a drink and chat with others.

ParkLife Café

Bringing all the projects together has been made possible by the opening of ParkLife Café in Dec 2021. ParkLife is the hub of many activities in the park supported by an army of volunteers.

Gardening Hero’s

Home schooled Gardening club, this provide young people with a long-term project to grow with their local parks, our project is educated by experts, and run on the philosophy that kids rule.  

Training course

The course will be for 6 months, during this time you will work towards several awards, including food safety.

Each week you will be required to undertake a pre agreed set of hours which will be broken up into different responsibilities.


  • Food training – working towards your City and Guilds level 3 food training
  • Cooking preparing food
  • Correct ways to operate a public food environment
  • Learning to serve and interact with the public
  • Teamwork and understand how to work with volunteers
  • How the park is used as a community centre.
  • Basic Stock control
  • Marketing
  • Learning how to read trends
  • Building website traffic and targeting potential clients

Bringing in the arts

The Friends have partnered with Harrow Arts Society to create activities in the park at community events and a rotating art gallery “Off The Wall” this project has seen painting sold with income going to local artists and a donation to park projects.

Litter picking network

In partnership with Harrow Council The friends have been the main distribution hub for Litter pickers throughout Harrow, supplying scout’s groups, local schools, individuals and groups. In the first three months of 2022 The Friends and the Litter picking fairy have recorded over 3000 bags collected.

This project is more than litter – Litter is a very contentious issue yet one of the best ways to bring people together to solve the problem, this offers indirect wellbeing from talking with others and feeling you can be responsible for your area.

SmartPark Project (Started 2019)

This project is building an online resource for parks: there are loads of resources we hear you say to yourself! We are building our version and not copying anyone to reach our goal.

Recycling project

Working with volunteer engineers we have started to develop ways to take various items of waste out the system or included within the system as clean waste.  This project is a sister project to the Metroline wall.

Recycling project vegetation

Each year we work with our neighbours and create a local product from rubbish and turn into donations that can be spent in parks.

Recycling wood

Creating an outdoor community learning and games area.

Metroline wall (Mooted and discussed 2020)

The Metroline living wall is a unique convergence of nature, technology, recycling, education and wellbeing for humans and bugs alike.

A collection of greening, growing and environmental projects which brings together communities and improves the local environment for everyone.

Metroline living wall project enables disabled people and/or older people to actively participate in the nature, arts and health and well-being opportunities.

Places for carers to relax and watch over their charges in a safe environment

A teaching place by creating peaceful places where people can relax and talk to each other, using technology to help park nature and spark interest in younger people, and helping to fund the free drinking water that should be available everywhere.

Project partners Metroline PLC - Harrow Council

Could your business contribute time or money to this project?

Sundays and super Sundays (Started 2019)

Each week on a Sunday we provide a meeting place to litter pick, tidy and talk to others.

Super Sundays (Started 2020)

Once a month we create a super Sunday when we all take on bigger tasks and spend time together afterwards sharing some light snacks and chat.  

Yearly community get togethers (First event 2019)

Each year we invite people from various churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, and other denominations to come to our park for two hours.

This event won a community award in the first year and has seen tremendous results year on year.

Last year we saw people come together in our park, clean, tidy, and repairing for one hour, then had a light snack together and everyone left by 12pm, resulting in several new friendships, 80 hours of work done in our park. This was a fabulous two hours, with plans for next year laid.