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This is the boring stuff required for Governance purposes. 

There are several documents that members can access once logged in or are available upon request to non members.

1. Constitution

2. AGM documents

3. Minutes of monthly meeting

4. Insurances

5. Nominated data manager

6. 5 year plan (Rolling) 2018/2019 -  2019/2020 - 2020/2021

7. GDPR Compliance (We have a dedicated data compliance officer) (we have a fully compliant GDPR request system on this website)


We send out whatson, special offers, updates on projects and actions.

Whats on

You reap what you sow, community actions create great reactions. Imagination rules!


Alone we can do so little together we can do so much, members choose to support our work.

Enjoy life!


We are the friends you have not met yet, read about our mission and how what we do is healthy

Smart parks

Residents, business and community groups creating a cartwheel of cooperation.

Community groups

We would like to offer free services and online tools to help your community group.