Creating tomorrows parks today!

t’s all about parks The funds we raise support both people and nature.

Creating tomorrows parks today!

The Friends of Harrow Weald believe parks make the very best communuty centre.

This is only possible with support from residents, local businesses, the local authority and a strong road map.

Your donation supports:

  • Joining up the dots between people, nature and the well being for all involved.
  • Health and well being
  • Social isolation
  • Community cohesion
  • Fauna and flora
  • Education
  • Nature
  • Financial and Environmental Sustainability
  • Having fun and relaxing with the locals in parks.
  • Allowing us to make events free to ensure inclusion for all

Working towards creating carbon neutralsolar poweredplastic free parks.


Learning and training runs through everything we do, our projects create trainee opportunities for gardeners and other skills needed around the park and in life.

Our online project creates a perfect opportunity to learn IT and online skills, fostering a lively community.

Project are under the guidance of knowledgeable personal, from gardeners to IT professionals and will give people a good starting point of general knowledge.

All welcome:

Everyone is welcome to get involved we can all enjoy the fruits of nature.

The aim is to create an open area that can cater for the needs of many people by providing, as well as a quiet and reflective place, a happy and welcoming environment to share with the group, to enjoy events and sport and where people can develop respect for the environment.

Doc Dolittle