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Become a member

People choose to support our efforts via a membership and donations because they see value in what we are doing and by paying annual or monthly contributions, we are able to grow, help others and build a smart park for the future.

By becoming a member, is a wonderful way to discover more about us and support community smart park ambitions

In return we offer a generous range of benefits for you to enjoy, included reduced price event tickets, discounted free community meals. 

10% Discount on some items and purchases

Members quarterly newsletters

Early bird invitation to events

Early bird notifications to events and plans and drops.

Discounted prices to ticketed events and fundraisers 

Instead of charging for many events, the Friends choose to fund them and make them free so everyone can join in and enjoy them.

Members benefit examples

Members and volunteeers won several free meals for two @ different local restaurants

Members receive extra treats at events

Members and Volunteers enjoyed several free breakfasts

One member saved over £40 buy a group of tickets to fundraiser 

Members have been rewarded with a VIP stay for two, in one of over 500 Hotels throughout the UK

Invites to Member only events

JOIN VIA PAYPAL OR CARD Annual subscription is just £10 and can be cancelled at anytime