As an event sponsor you will have access to all related marketing activities before the event and during the event or function.


Every event we have held is for fun and community not profit.

The events we have already held range from dog shows, Art for Parks Sake, Music events, Picnics, Quiz nights, Christmas events and more.

This offers your business a selection of ways you can support your local community.

As the Main Sponsor you will have an exclusive brand awareness related to all activities of the event marketing and during the event or function 

Ticketed events are often oversubscribed 
Free events in the park are well attended 

The audience will link your brand to the fun of community events that are valuable for the community. 

Exclusive logo on main event leaflets (incl links)

Exclusive event related media and during the whole event or function

Exclusive main banner (incl link) with your logo on the main event information page

Marketing material can be placed @ various locations of the event or function

Logo and text link added to event emails

Freebies can be distributed on your behalf or by your own staff

If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor please contact us, your contribution will be mentioned on our various social media platforms.


 Thank you in advance

Monthly donations help us support:

Well being – Park and Locals

Supporting other and volunteers

The environment around us