About The Friends

Aims and Objectives:

The Friends’ objective is to improve the park.

The Friends will work with park users, residents, the local authority, sponsors and any other individuals or groups to achieve this aim.

Issues and concerns will be turned into positive action in a democratic way.

Joining The Friends is very easy

All membership money is used to further the groups goals @ Harrow Weald Recreation Ground. 

Supporting YOUR/OUR local space - YOUR DO NOT need to be a member to get involved, there are various member only benefits.

Committee Members

The Friends of Harrow Weald Recreation Ground operate on a volunteer basis.

The friends work as an all-encompassing group with different goals and ideas to make our local space better, over time we hope to achieve everyone’s different goals for our park.

Volunteering - The Healthy Option

"Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, but because they are priceless."

The volunteers are friends you have not yet met, but they are the people you recognise from around your local area, this is a great way to meet your local community through helping out at YOUR local community events..

Business Partnerships

The friends are a relative new group with very local membership. The goal of what we are doing is starting to show benefits in the Rec being clean, event being organised and recently a base was provided for us by Harrow Council, but there is a lot more to be done.

You’re donations are used for the various activities The Friends undertake.

Over the coming weeks and months we hold a range of activities which are not always profitable in money terms but are highly beneficial and valuable in relation to getting the community together have some fun and helping to get to know your local community.