ParkLife community Clubcard and Park maintenance contributions

parkLife clubcard

People choose to support our efforts via donations, time, and yearly park maintenance contributions, because they see value in what we are doing.

With annual or monthly contributions, we are able to grow, help others and build a smart park for the future.

By becoming a supporter, its a wonderful way to discover more about us and support our community smart park ambitions. 

Just £20 per year, include cafe discounts, park maintenance donations and lots more.

In return

We offer a generous range of benefits for you to enjoy, included reduced price event tickets, discounted free community meals. 

10% Discount on some items and purchases

Discounted prices in ParkLife Cafe

Quarterly newsletters

Early bird invitation to events

Early bird notifications to events and plans and drops.

Discounted prices to ticketed events and fundraisers 

Supporters benefits

Details about local competitons: Previously supporters won free meals for two @ different local restaurants

Receive extra treats at events

Invites to several free breakfasts held each year

Save over £300 with discounted ticxkets and reduced prices in ParkLife Cafe  

Invites to supporter only events

How contributions help:

Make parks and local areas a clean and happy place to be, with residents' involvement.

Create projects for the wellbeing of the community

Provide an inclusive place for socialising within the community

Provide opportunities for health and happiness

Protect the local nature and provide fun and educational experiences

Work towards the parks for tomorrow, today

Supporters help us to create:

Carbon neutral spaces

 Free drinking water

A litter and plastic free environment 

A hassle free place for everyone to enjoy 

A sanctuary for bugs and wildlife 

Active, interesting and engaging community projects

Free Wifi for everyone.

A local place to chill with your family and neighbours

A place for residents to add their creative ideas

Recycling training centres  

Your support is appreciated whatever you decide to contribute will include the same parklife discounts and benefits.