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Everyone is welcome to get involved and to help create an inclusive, safe and exciting space where we can all enjoy ourselves.

The aim is to create an open area that can cater for the needs of many people by providing, as well as a quiet and reflective place, a happy and welcoming environment to share with the group, to enjoy events and sport and where people can develop respect for the environment.

By keeping the park in good order, we hope that less littering and graffiti will occur and park users will be encouraged to care for their space.

Become a volunteer

During 2019 we have many different projects from landscaping areas of the grounds, to making areas better for the wild life, and locals to enjoy. We will also be creating walking routes and developing some gardening areas. This list of plans for the coming months will change the park for the future, why not get involved and have your say!

Becoming a volunteer – Come to our meeting (ALL WELCOME) to see how you can get involved or receive our volunteers email updates.

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Younger members are encouraged to get involved to enable the local residents from across the generations to embrace all of our ideas, which is all of our future!

Got an idea for the Grounds? It can be done if reasonable and possible

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Become a member as an individual or family

Members benefits:
• Early bird invitation for tickets (normally a few days before) to events.
• Discounted prices to paid events
• Discounted member only benefits (from June 2019)
• Can become committee members

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Become a business member

You might invest in our work financially, by providing volunteer help on projects or in the office or becoming support by providing much needed material and expertise.

same as individual membership with added business features.

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If you are an MP, local Councillor, or active decision maker in your local community

We have several community projects you might like to get involved with. The friends have a track record of improving areas of the park by removing problems without confrontation and without cost to society, holding community events that is attended by local people.

Local Security: 

Cost of Police for one burglary is around £4000, the costs of drawing on many community services is expensive. 

Costs on the community purse can be reduced by adopting some simple ideas at a local level, with increased health and wellbeing benefits.

We have some proven projects that aid local wellbeing at minimal cost

Local Outreach: 

It is vitally important that we are all encompassing at all levels of society. Can you help with these projects?

Group coordinators

These people coordinate the various groups that help make everything work, example of our groups is the admin team, events team, cleaning team, the ground maintenance crew, and the gardening chain gang, project coordinators. We are all volunteers.

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Financial sponsorship

The goal over the next year is to install several features and landscaped areas, a pergola and sensory garden, which we hope will create some nice places to relax, enjoy, read a book or talk to a stranger. We are able to do this with donations, sponsorship and local business support, please head over to see our sponsorship opportunities.

Can you donate materials:

Maybe you have some spare materials in your garage or garden, or surplus stock in your business? We have a list of items we need that might be laying around. If you can help please click here to see whats needed for our projects


"It is difficult if not impossible to estimate how important volunteers are in life, alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.


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Why not come and meet us at one of our regular Monthly Monday Meetings, held at the Memorial hall or come and enjoy a FREE breakfast bap and cup of tea in the park (most) Sunday mornings @ 10AM  (check here for next breakfast date)

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At our meetings - By website - Catch up with us via email

Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, but because they are priceless."

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Can we help?

We are an all inclusive group. If there is any way we can help you please let us know.


We thrive on goodwill and volunteers, alone we can do so little together we can do so much.

Whats On

The Friends run and organise a variety of Local community events. See our plans for the next year.


Sponsor local events, projects, maybe you can sponsor one of the new park features.