Could your business contribute to a healthy, green, sustainable park and surrounding area, where your business is located? We are connecting up local businesses and building new partnerships.

Local business Local supporters

As a business, you can invest in supporting your local park in many ways, whether that is financially, providing volunteers and help for projects, admin and office support or by providing much needed materials and expertise. 

In return, we will promote your business and its support within the local community.

  • Online marketing
  • Supporting projects
  • ParkLife Cafe
  • Community events
  • community activities
  • Community initiatives
  • Community event calendar

Your contribution will show the community your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

We work towards creating carbon neutralsolar poweredplastic free smart parks, that are strengthened with a supporting hub of community groups that become stronger together by communicating and sharing information and ideas, building awareness, creating a knowledge bank, sharing technical skills with other community groups AND free drinking water for everyone. That is tomorrows parks today!