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The Friends of Harrow Weald started as a group of local residents who volunteered and took responsibility for transforming the local park and area.

The local residents together come up with ideas on how to make the community better, or problems they personally have and we use sensible research and conversation and do what we can to action things. 

Our volunteers give an amazing range of support across a broad spectrum with things like:

A quick half an hour a week filling a bag of rubbish on their local street
Walking their neighbour to our community events
Running weekly activities
An afternoon of fundraising
Stewarding at events
Helping with admin and marketing
Just enjoying the park

We know that everyone has something to offer. Go on…get in touch….be involved. Even if you don’t know what you can offer yet, have a chat with us, and we will find something ideal for you!



This covers peoples’ health and wellbeing, events, local resident involvement programmes and lots lots more.

This just gives you the flavour of the things we are involved in…why not bring us your own project ideas?


Do you know how happy you make someone by doing something nice! It's an amazing feeling, one of the very best adrenaline buzzes out there.

Caring is sharing projects are organised to help locals in whatever way we can, sometimes just some advice and a little money can work wonders.


Smart Parks provide a unique opportunity for all parks and communities to become a vibrant self-funding space, whilst reducing costs on the public purse.

The following key focuses are at the heart of everything we do:

Health and wellbeing of people
Health and wellbeing of nature
Social Inclusion
Financial and Environmental Sustainability


It all started with a group of local residents who wanted to make a difference. It saddened us to see the parks and outdoor spaces going to wreck and ruin and not being used as the great community spaces they should be. Rather than blaming others for the problems, we looked at what we could do with sensible research, conversation and action.

After pulling together a bucket list of ideas on what we wanted, we realised that everything pointed towards Health and Wellbeing for both people and the park.

Marketing reports were NOT carried out. Feasibility studies were NOT carried out. We talked, we asked each other what was important, what we could do that would make a difference to the community….and then we just got on with it!

We began by taking turns to pick up litter, gardening, and carrying out small jobs around the park. As we have grown, the litter picking teams are running almost daily, the gardening has turned into a weekly social session and new activities are being introduced to the mix all the time.

Fundraising events and donations mean greater facilities are being developed that bring more people to the park and offering more opportunities for inclusion and socialising. We are well on our way to creating our vision of a vibrant self-funding smart park. 

What can we say, The Friends of Harrow Weald was initially formed to clear up the parks, give them a bit of TLC, and make them a great community space…but as we have grown, it has developed into something much more than we could have ever foreseen, something really special.

It opens its doors to everyone in the community, acts as a social hub for people who may otherwise have no company that day and gives people a purpose. It’s an excuse to exercise and stretch your legs whilst doing something good. It gives people without a garden a chance to garden…The list goes on, as do the different reasons people get involved.


Whatever your idea of volunteering looks like, I’m sure we have something to suit you! Something that will help us in our aim to keep the local community at its best. Some volunteers work with us as a one off to help at an event, others are taking part in or running activities weekly.

Our volunteers are often people you recognise from the local area…but they are also just friends you have not met yet… Helping out at YOUR local park or at community events is a great way to meet members of the local community.