Creating tomorrow's parks today!

"If we don't do it who will?"

The Friends of Harrow Weald are working towards transforming parks into the very best community centres, for the benefit of both the environment and park users.

Parks should be community minded,  carbon neutral and kept free from plastic and general litter. park users, should always have access to free public drinking water, offer a safe environment for all, with a strong emphasis on recycling and teaching

We place a special emphasis on the carers of people with ADHD, Dementia and similar conditions, community parks also offering people with ill health, a nice community place to recoup in the great outdoors. 

Sections of parks should offer quiet and safe places for people to spend some relaxing time outdoors, as well as providing the opportunity to chat with people who want to meet other locals. Areas of parks should offer younger people a place to enjoy and learn about nature, whilst educational and inspiring projects encourage people who might not normally venture out much to view local parks as a safe place to come and relax - Enjoying life is important! 

The Friends have shown that parks can become an extension to our homes. Indeed, regular users feel at home in the park and enjoy the space and freedom it provides.

"Help build tomorrow's parks today!" 

Recycling projects, including water and waste. 

Supporting Nature Fauna and flora and Education and Nature.

Financial and Environmental Sustainability

Ensure inclusion for all

Using a convergence of nature, technology and education ensures our recycling projects work towards creating tomorrows parks today.

"If we, as the community don't do it who will?" 

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Boxtree Park

We started by litter picking. Our own local park is a happy community place and outdoor offices. Come over and enjoy some time in our park.

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ParkLife community cafe

Parklife Café we are not a commercial business, we are a community so everything is community motivated.

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Litter Picking Collection hubs

Who are we?

A group of local people concerned about littering, fly-tipping and antisocial behaviours that leads to litter in the London Borough of Harrow.

We are park groups, businesses, community groups and individuals that work together to create a network of places around Harrow that residents can collect free litter picking equipment.

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