The Friends of Harrow Weald are a group of local residents that have taken responsibility for and transformed the local park and area and are in the process of creating a Smart Park..

Rather than blaming others for any problems in an  area, we aim to find solutions and, where possible, to reduce any public costs with sensible research, conversation and action.

After formulating a bucket list of what we would like from our local park? All the combined ideas pointed to Health and Wellbeing for people and the park.

Feasibility studies were taken, but the reality is, we asked each other what we wanted from our park and area and talked like Friends to create ideas, this all started from litter picking.

The amazing grape vine of life produced a long list of great ideas which have been turned into 28 projects and ideas to created the basis of a SMART PARK.

We work with anyone:

Working with Local Residents, Local Business, Local Council, Central Government and Multi-National Corporations, together we are making a difference.

About the Friends

Creating a unique opportunity for a park to become a vibrant self-funding community space, with wellbeing for people and nature, education and financial sustainability running through everything. 




Our Objective: to treat all people equally, without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political, religious or other opinions by associating together the said people and the local authority, voluntary and other organisations in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and leisure time with the objective of being part of a happier area for all and the social advantages of the same.


Can we help?

We are an all inclusive group. If there is any way we can help you please let us know.


We thrive on goodwill and volunteers, alone we can do so little together we can do so much.

Whats On

There are a variety of Local community events. Click below for upcoming events.

For Business

Help fund our our vision of parks being an all encompassing space in harmony and nature.