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The Friends Of Harrow Weald

Local residents together!


Date: JAN 2020

Purpose: Share group achievements over the past year

"We are all like you, we share the air, share the area and share the space,we believe parks make the best community centres".

Thank you to everyone that got involved last year, we think last year was a tremendous first full year and we have some inspirational plans in the pipeline for 2020 (members will already be aware of these)


It would be impossible to mention every person that had an input into the amazing number of community events and projects organised during 2019.

The level of activities and equally, commitment from volunteers made everything work!

The number of volunteer hours during the year was incalculable due to the sheer volume of time spent, however what the figures do show is a true community spirit and involvement.


12 group meetings
20 + planning meetings
50+ Event notices, risk assessments, licenses and elf and safety forms
100’s of phone calls and meetings with the Council
10 Hired toilets
20 paramedics
2 dog show judges
50 + meetings with other organisations for joint co-operation
52 litter picks including 6 Super Sundays with eggs and bacon
365 days of emptying bins and litter picking – nearly 2,000 bins!
365 days of gate locking and unlocking x 5 gates
100’s of posters put up around the park
6 apple trees planted in our new orchard
1 new container (with another one on the way) = 1 move (from HQ to HQ)
52 Tai Chi sessions in the park (& health walks)

There are also many benefits to active users of parks and open spaces, whether that’s physical recreation, meeting people or children interacting with nature which is in abundance within one little space.

It is well known for that clean local hassle free spaces in urban area reduces stress and sadness, lifts the mood and makes us feel better.

In the not so distant past Vegetarians were considered left over hippies still living on the peripheral of society. yet, today it is very much a main stream lifestyle.

Tree huggers are also sometimes looked on as not the norm, but what is the norm?.

We believe everyone should be treated with respect.

Sometimes we all go through testing times in life and the best way to help yourself through these times is to enjoy the many fruits nature provides us to help us uplift our souls.

Sometimes just sitting on a bench in the park can clear your mind, also light physical activities are a good way in helping to get your mind away from any present worries.

Some of the physical benefits that come from Green Spaces, is improved air quality instead of being inside all the time and a great chance to clear your mind.

The suits that sit in Government offices in somehwhere ville tell us whats good and bad have clearly stated that the positive impact on mental wellbeing, helps sustain communities and is in these areas that the strongest evidence is emerging that urban Green Space can improve your health. (taken from somewhere online and tweaked)


Quiz Night
Super Sunday eggs and bacon
Curry and Cards (Whist)
Band – The Blues Measures
Barn Dance
Easter Egg Hunt 120 kids
Art in the Park + Volunteer Day
Bug Hunt
Dog Show
Quiz Night
Music in the Park + Have a Field Day
Primary School Sports Day
Mencap Lunch in the Park
Cinema in the Park
Health Day
Mencap Sports Day + Lunch
100% Producers
Bat Walk and Talk
Quiz Night @ the Brownie Hut
Avison Volunteers to Park
Murder Mystery – Carnival Killer
Remembrance Sunday
Mitzvah Day
Mulled Wine Competition
Old Time Music Hall
Carols by Candlelight

Well being is a cost to everyone, getting involved with nature, talking to others and generally cleaning up your area is both healthy and community minded, it also helps other feel better and often copy you, truly it’s inspirational.

We walk round, we walk under, we walk through.


We believe parks are the perfect community centre

2020 has arrived and several events are already organised with several others planned.

In the background there has been much planning towards working with various other organisations locally, finding way to help each other.

This years is about working towards our smart park goals,  it’s not really a smart park, it’s just a park tweaked with common sense

Our plans this year are far reaching and some might say outrageous, but our goal is to tweak our park and local area by the community, for the community, this is inspirational and doable.

Last year we managed to attract funding for several projects, some fully paid for others need further funding this year we will be working towards covering these project costs through various online activities, events, fund raisers and upcoming plans, membership, donations and business supporters.

Our goal for 2020 is towards enjoying life and area, welcoming more community togetherness and further tweaking and meddling with parks and local areas. We are also obliged to have several breakfasts in the park, 1 lock in, music, events, cinema nights, chilled times and as many orderly fun activities as time allows and watch the flowers grow.

Support comes in several different ways please consider supporting our smart park ambitions be part of something new and refreshing

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We meet weekly in the park also hold a once a month meeting, you are welcome to join us, our community give an amazing range of support across a broad spectrum with things like:


You are welcome to join us on an ad hoc basis, maybe you can help with events, join us on the odd Sunday or maybe you prefer to do some gardening, however you want to get involved, it’s easy and a great way to meet other locals.


Gardeners, litter pickers and people that plant and help are our nature heroes. Our hope is to EXTEND AND EXPAND a crew of local people who WANT to help with our park's well being.

We have several projects designed to encourage young people to help and take responsibility for their own local space, through nature and fun activities.


Associate members are people that choose to support our efforts via a contribution because they see value in what we are doing and by paying yearly or monthly contributions, we can grow, enjoy, help others and have fun.


Could your business contribute to a healthy, green and sustainable Parks and surrounding areas by supporting us.
You might invest in our work financially, by providing volunteer help on projects or in the office, maybe you can support us by providing much needed material and expertise.


As we grow, we are looking to build on our existing partnerships to support our aims and goals in building a better community environment for all residents.

Our partners and supporters help in many ways through providing, Whether you are a small business, a large corporate organisation or working within the public or not-for-profit sector, I’m sure we have many opportunities to work together in supporting our local community:


The events we have already held range from dog shows, Art for Parks Sake, Music events, Picnics, Quiz nights, Christmas events and more.