We wish everyone well

Local residents together!

Now is the time to think positively: We are going to get through this!

Some things are clear, people having to stay in self isolation for a longer time to keep safe, as a community we need to find longer term solutions.

Isolated people before this virus, ARE IN A WORST POSITION now, we need to root out everyone and make sure they are OK.

We need to find ways to regularly provide support for each other that’s easy to access and safe.

If the virus does keep some of us in lock down for weeks, we as a community have to find solutions to the majority of things we need. 


Business, Services & Community Groups

We are building a Harrow wide list of business, services and community groups that are functioning during this time for local residents to access. This will help local residents and local businesses.

Join our Harrow wide volunteer list

We are working towards building a Harrow wide roll call of available volunteers by postal code. Harrow Council, numerous community groups and others are working towards solutions.



In line with Government Directive in relation to Covid-19

There will also be further information and help where to access information for longer term isolation.

Do you have any URGENT needs we can help with our contact details are below? 

Can we help you!

The information below has been compiled in haste, if you could add any help getting services together for residents please contact us.

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Local Businesses, services, community groups are you still able to offer services?

Self Isolating

Helping Key Workers

Keeping safe when helping others

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