How it works!

We supplying free litter picking equipment to Harrow residents and groups only.

We are a network of local community groups, businesses and individuals to provide these litter picking collection hubs

What can be provided:

  • Litter bags
  • Litter pickers
  • Litter hoop
  • Hi-vis vests

The equipment is on long-term loan while you are using it and logging the bags you fill.

If you find you are not using the grabber or vest we ask that you kindly return them.

Use the Get litter picker button above, and we will send you information, where your nearest collection point is.

When you arrive you will be asked to fill out the simple form and you will be supplied litter picking equipment

Once you are registered, you can walk into any of collection points for more bags.

Please use the online reporting tool above. (You must use Council provided bags to get them collected locally),

Please see the collection log page for details. (You must use Council provided bags to get them collected locally),

You do not need to use the report collection tool, your existing arrangement will not change, you can still get FREE equipment from us

If you have collected one or two bags you can leave them next to a street bin in the correct Harrow Council bags and they will collected

Larger litter picks (2 bags or more) If you have collected a large amount of waste we ask you to log the bags of rubbish and use the Report Collection tool.

Arrange pick up days and location.

Please include any photos of your litter picking, it's great publicity and encourages others too.