The Friends Harrow Weald Recreation Ground

When you click read more please look at the letter sent to The Friends, this is an ultimate testament to how well people can and do achieve things together. It is a proud and happy feeling to live in an area with so many nice people.

The sports day mentioned in the letter was a real uplift for all involved, The Friends supplied cold drinks and ice pops as it was a nice thing to do and this helped make it a more relaxed day for everyone. We also rented Toilet’s for the children to use. (Sorry to mention this again, but Council Officers and several Councillors and others read this)

Can you help a kid spend a penny?

When a tenner turns up a bill always comes in for £10.10 which is the same if you make an extra £272.00 you will always get a bill for £278.00 thats just life, in one hand, out the other!.

The Friends Group just got paid in more happiness than money can ever provide. Always in awe of the friends and this is JUST ONE reason why!


What’s going on with the past six months - It’s a funny olde planet we live on.

In life you can be blind to what’s around you, sometimes by choice, sometimes due to lack of time and intensity of life.

The friends are an amazing group of people who work towards making our space a better place for all.

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