Royal Wedding Final

Royal Wedding Final

Royal Wedding preparations - The events behind the scenes for this event were eventful to say the least. 

A BIG SHOUT OUT AND THANK YOU to all the people who help keep our space clean, which has lifted the vibrancy and the buzz in the park generally, from cleaning, maintaining, hedge cutting and regular sessions chilling with other locals.

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Homemade and donated cakes
Homemade and donated cakes

I really need to share how much went on to get The Royal Wedding Picnic in place and the amazing involvement of so many working together to make the picnic a reality.

it was a fun and refreshing experience for many and we have decided to continue organising events in our (YOUR) grounds.

But the faciliteis in the park are onlny available for a small minorty and the friends want them to be available for everybody

The vibrancy of the Grounds has been created by the work done by volunteers, this is something many people have commented on, to continue this, we need a place to work from.

On a recent littler pick after clearing and cleaning the Grounds, we asked the pavilion keyholders if we could all get a cup of tea (we even offered to make it and supply all the cups and tea). We were told NO. This was wrong on so many levels, why? because the pavilion should be shared used by everybody. At the moment it is used for a few hours at the weekend for only part of the year with no access to the toilets all year round. 

 "Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, but because they are priceless."   - Become a member click here

(Preparation) The Picnic wedding event in our park

The uplift of the grounds is purely from the selfless efforts of our volunteers. To get this event together was a fate beyond anyone’s imagination.

We discovered that all council staff are nice and have their hearts in the right place BUT….. after speaking to many people in different departments from the council, (and each person has been wonderful), to us the public it seems that there are many different people involved in most things within Harrow Council, meaning if one department says yes, there is an interest in another department that says no. (which had a direct consequence to use spending £400 needlessly)

So a massive thank you to the numerous members of Harrow Council that reached out to helped us get this event together in such a short time (Including the safety net call from the chief executive's office).

(Preparation) The Hut and Elastic permissions
We were supplied the old caretakers shed which had been standing unused for 5 FIVE YEARS, then it was taken away. After several emails, calls and back paddling by some really nice people, it was given to us again, and then swiftly taken away again.

Finally, we were provided some keys and told this is short term so we will have this taken away again, apparently because there is another department who has planning going through that will require its use, but finally we got somewhere to operate from.

Party Central
Park (T) Central (Party Central)

This was around the 11th of April 2018 countdown to the Royal Wedding less than 1 Month and a place to store our litter picking tools and have a cup of tea.

Preparations started
Volunteers spent the first weekend clearing the hut, transforming into clean mess of clutter, and then the following weekend it was cleaned and transformed into a Party Hut.

At this stage we started to build momentum from many different directions.

But we still had no toilet facilities – Less than 3 weeks to go for event

There are three toilet facilities on our grounds, one is closed, whilst the other two are owned or controlled by a minority at the exclusion of the majority. WHERES THE RESPECT!

1. Toilet one – located near the high road – we have a solution for this to open it to the public (Please contact us)

2. Toilet two – The pavilion operated presently by Kodak FC in conjunction with the FA (Football Association) Respect campaign. They said we could not use this toilet because it was broken, then they said no again because they are in France.
Picture A – The keyholder going into the pavilion @10 AM on the 19th after giving excuses why the public cannot use the toilets
Picture B - Shows that toilets were required - A picture of the disabled toilets being used as they should, what would have happened if we decided NOT to pay for toilets and the more expensive disabled toilets? …’s disgraceful

3. Toilet three – Controlled by a club that is 110 years old, who also said NO

We were also told by “someone” that it’s only a few hours and most attendees are locals, so there is no importance for toilets. (umm an interesting take on human rights)

Re: The alleged broken toilets in the pavilion, We offered to pay for the repair using our own money and volunteers, builders and handymen who offered their services free and had we could have taken the £400 we spent on porta loos, repaired the toilets and then everyone would have been better off. (Pic A + Pic B NO RESPECT)

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The outcome:

We ended up making the heart breaking decision to spend nearly £400 on porta loos after member discussions we thought it important, so THIS reduced the money we had for renting a projector and other entertainment planned. So this is the first part of how the same £400 got spent, this £400 shows up again later.

Finally, within days if not hours the big day arrived

The whole process of creating this event could have been a nightmare on so many levels, but the generosity of local businesses and local people, pulled together what we believe was a nice day enjoyed by many.

Raffle Result  
Tai Chi display
Charity Stalls
DJ + Music
Projector for Royal Wedding (Reduced from what was planned, because of toilet costs)
Children’s Story Telling
Face painting
Setting up Children’s games
Created a pop up cake shop
Organise the flow of vehicles
Employed Paramedics
Hired Toilets

For all those that got involved thank you. - There are more events now being planned and events already booked, please visit our events calendar for details or join our newsletter


Clean and Tidy by 5pm same day

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We love Kodak being in the Grounds, we love the Bowling Club, but we want to share facilities and be friends for the good of all. 

The uplift on the grounds is purely from the selfless efforts of volunteers, the Pavilion is supposed to be shared with the public.

 This document above has a more extensive extension, if you are interested in the extended version, please contact us via email 

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