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Parks for everyone to enjoy together as a community

Our local park: (FOHWRG)

The Friends of Harrow Weald Recreation Ground (FOHWRG) is our community group based in our local park.

We invite you to join our events, activities and get involved, everything is organised for the love of community and our park.

To date we have been successful in running our park as a community group, working together as a community to make things happen, and to overcome any obstacles encountered.

Support and input from local businesses, community groups and the local authority, help us to become stronger, while reducing potential costs to the community. Our progress has been greatly aided by this support, as well as the kindness, goodwill, and encouragement we receive from local residents and park users.

Our mission: Open Parks Project

The Friends of Harrow Weald

The open parks group work nationally on different paths to the same goal, using technology to create tomorrows parks today!

We believe that parks make the very best community centres. For the benefit of both the environment and park users, these areas should be carbon neutral and kept free from plastic and general litter. We aim to provide accessible drinking water and a safe environment for all.

The Friends have shown that parks can become an extension to our homes. Indeed, regular users feel at home in the park and enjoy the space and freedom it provides. The open areas and facilities offer opportunities to exercise, join in events, meet, and make friends, as well as somewhere to relax and enjoy the environment, but often lacks funding and bogged down with bureaucracy.

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Volunteers and support needed - Together we make a difference.

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Volunteers and support needed - Together we make a difference.

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