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Donate small goods and cions to our shop, all profits go towards supporting our smart park goals.

Donate small goods and cions to our shop, all profits go towards supporting our smart park goals.


For community groups

Open a community shop without the hassle and associated costs. You could possibly generate a new source of income for your community group  As a retailer / wholesaler 

Donating surplus or imperfect stock actually increases tax efficiency by transferring old stock into a cash charitable donation

Do you have a few products that would be right for our shop? we are always looking for new supply partners 

For individuals

Donate your best second-hand clothes and small goods (and make a little profit for yourself).

Arrange collection, upload or drop your bag of donations off at one of our Harrow locations. Order a collection bag


iPhones, iPads, Androids and high-end electronics


Designer brands are recommended


7", 10" and 12" vinyl records

Video games

Vintage console games (1990s/early 2000s)


Any kind, so long as they're in good condition!


Items like collections, old toys, coins and stamps etc

Esspresso sets

Illy, Porsche sets


Any quality pieces you have!


Older the better.


Anything small - vases, bowls, you name it

Premium Camera Equipment

Cameras, tripods, bags, filters, lens

Your long term generosity pays for our essential core work. This regular income allows us to plan and deliver a better future


Donations and gifts to appeals are an important addition to membership income, supporting the maintenance of ongoing works and towards specific projects and events . 

Donate via shopping at Amazon

Whenever you shop with Amazon, you can now also support The Friends AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!

Donate your best second-hand clothes and small goods

Choose from over 170000 charities or your favourite local community group. -Helping charities and community groups generate new sources of income.


Legacies allow us to do significantly more and expand our projects to transform simple parks into Smart Parks. Gifts of any size in wills help build a long term future.


The many people who give their time to help make a real difference. Some work out in the field others in our admin team, all is immensely valuable, thank you to our  volunteers.

Local Councils

Most of our work is done in partnership with others. The commitment of others is essential to a sustainable future for creating lively positive communities around parks.

Grant givers and charitable trusts

Grants and donations from charitable trusts pay for a great deal.

Business supporters

Many businesses show their commitment to the future by supporting The Friends. Publicity, funding and practical contribute to our success.