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Super Sunday -  2m apart> 2m apart> 2m >

Starting on 02.08.2019 10:06


SUPER SUNDAY <  2m apart > 2m apart> 2m apart> 2m >  2nd August 10am

Note to new volunteers:  This is an excellent opportunity to come and meet us, enjoy the park and have a cup of tea or sandwich.

For those that do not know Super Sundays are days when we all get together in the park <  2m apart > 2m apart> 2m apart> 2m > undertake various tasks around the park - Drink tea or coffee and have a light breakfast which is free and included.

These are used for blitzing the park, having some outdoor breakfast or when we have special things are going on

General tidy up around the grounds -

We normally create a list of small specific jobs needed on the day or all just take on the tasks.


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