Transforming local parks also changes areas when residents come together with ideas, on how to make the community better, using simple sensible research and conversation and do what we can to action things.

Local Authorities: 

Why purchase through the Friends? Not only can we offer you a fantastic deals on direct from supplier range of outdoor supplies, gardening supplies, litter pickers, personalise hi vis and more, we can allocated funds from purchased items to local communty hubs in your area, helping you to double spend your budget in your own area. 

We are able to do this through existing relationships and offers from partners, you are always assured of the highest quality lowest priced products or exactly what you want.

Work with the Friends:

Partnership opportunities that can help support your own local park groups to continue growing and expand creating tomorrows parks today!

Purchase key supplies:

Very competitive rates on a range of products you already purchase, except profits can be directed back you your local park groups, our charity believes parks make the very best community centres and should all be self funding and operated in partnership with the local authoriy and residents.

Contact The Friends

If you would like to work in partnership with us to support our activities provide the best support available for the community we welcome you to get in touch on 07749155711

Doc Dolittle