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Building a new way of thinking!



Associate membership

Members choose to support our efforts via a contribution because they see value in what we are doing and by paying annual or monthly contributions, we are able to grow, help others and build a smart park for the future.

Single membership £3

Family membership £5

Supporters membership £10

The Friends of Harrow Weald - You do not need to be a member!

Associate Members benefits

10% Discount on purchases
Members quarterly newsletters
Early bird invitation to events
Early bird notifications to events and plans
Discounted prices to ticketed events
Access to Smart park information

By becoming a member, you will be directly supporting our community smart park ambitions

Instead of charging for many events, the Friends choose to fund them and make them free so everyone can join in and enjoy them.

Where possible, we offer free activities by paying for services and professionals directly out of the charitable contributions and donations.

We employ professional entertainers and services, which means we do have to charge a small cost for some events, members get these at a reduced price.



Associate membership your support goes towards:

Towards Running costs -

Towards printing -

Towards events -

Purchasing tools -

Towards projects

Donation and membership money goes towards supporting our community goals, some of which are listed below:

Towards Running costs -

Towards printing -

Towards events -

Purchasing tools -

Towards projects

Purchase of garden tools. 

The cost of projects and features around the park and surrounding area 

Organising educational and interesting outdoor related activities and talks. 

Making contact with isolated people and encouraging them to come for a cup of tea and cake. 

Help local groups using the grounds. 

Pay for event notices. 



We do not share your information.