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Can you help a kid spend a penny?

When a tenner turns up a bill always comes in for £10.10 which is the same if you make an extra £272.00 you will always get a bill for £278.00 thats just life, in one hand, out the other!.

The Friends Group just got paid in more happiness than money can ever provide. Always in awe of the friends and this is JUST ONE reason why!

Great news: 

This week the local school decided use Our/Yours/their Local park as a great place to hold a sports day, this is because the park does not look like a grot box anymore and the locals are caring for it.

There is no greater thanks than seeing the park clean and used with the bustling sound of happiness.

But as a Friends Group we want to go further to make the day go well! Do you remember your school sports days?

But we need a little help please!

The Message to reader: The reality - Can you help a kid spend a penny!

Each time there is an event in our park we pay for toilets, because it’s right. (We do this regardless of what else is going on and at our cost).

This is because of the restrictions we face using the three toilet facilities in our tiny park and with a minority of non-locals holding the keys to the exclusion of the majority the locals we are forced to rent toilets again.

Should children be allowed to go to the toilet during a hot sunny day? (We are also supplying free iced water) We think so and will provide toilets at our cost using our donations.

But we want to do more wouldn't it be nice if we can give each child a FREE Ice lolly? This will also be paid for out of donations?

Our website has links to our Donations page

As a little group, in a little park with a big heart we raise money for the park but spend a majority of any monies on renting toilets for events.

  • Do we make profits on these events? NO
  • Do we care if we don't make profit? NO
  • Are we having fun and meeting new NICE people in our community? YES
  • Better value than money? YES

So we will be renting toilets for the children of the sports day and their families at our cost, so please please can spare some change?

Our website has links to our Donations page

If you want to send alternative funds to us directly, we can take cash, goats, sheep, and camels and gifts to raffle or sell Please contact us

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People used to walk around the park, now they walk through it
They used to not use the park now they sit in it with their family's
Dogs used to pull the lead to grab a rat now we just walk peacefully
Rats gone, hedges trimmed, litter cleaned, shrubs tidied.