This is the umbrella name for:the three areas of projects we are working on:

1. Community projects:

Cover peoples wellbeing, events, local resident involvement programs and lots lots more, this just gives you the direction of this section.

2. The Caring Is Sharing:

Do you know how happy you make someone by doing something nice! it's an amazing feeling, one of the very best adrenaline buzzes out there. Caring is sharing projects are organise to help locals in whatever way we can, sometimes just some time and a chat works wonders. This is possible thanks to Harrow Council's community goodwill by supplying our new facility and sharing the love........

3. Harrow Weald Recreation Ground Project:

This is the core to everything we do, we care for nature it cares for us, as well as looking after the grounds we have some ambitious plans to fund water fountains, buy statues, create sensory areas, buy a disability play area and so much more. this project provides the space and possibility to make dreams work. 

Our very small unit on ThEdge of our park offers (from July/August 2019) The Friends a tremendous opportunity expand on the amazing work that has been done so far. We have held many events with the ethos money is not our motivation, but fully aware money is needed to make the wold go round.

Below are some examples or our projects, how we think, operate and why your support is so helpful 

Harrow Weald Recreation Ground Project:)

Taking responsibility caring for nature and people

1.The Friends Clean the park daily and weekly

2.Previously area’s suffered human waste, areas where people were sleeping overnight create mess and drug problems areas.

3.After discussion we decided the way forward. Consulted where required and eliminated all problems over a few weeks.

4.This did not involve police costs, council costs or confrontations

5.Issues and concerns are turned into positive action in a democratic way to make change.

6.Treat all people equally as per our online coc

Above is an example of what we do as far as taking responsability, but that's nothing in relation to people feeling alone, or sad, its minicule when someone has been having a really hard time. BUT joining us going to a clean park helps, helping in the park helps, talking to someone helps, there are so many ways we help can all help other, all based around having friendly fun. 

Community projects:)

The Pop Up @ Alan's

This project allows local caterers to set up a pop up restaurant at ThEdge, this space is called Pop up @ Alan's which will provide at least 120 free meals per year, if not a lot more, this is one of many inventive projects we have in place aimed at sharing and caring. 

Community projects:)

Sponsorship turned into food 

The Friends have organised many free Sunday morning Breakfasts during the summer that was sponsored by either members or local business giving us money or food. It is so easy to do and was met with enthusiasm by all that attended. The happiness this brought so many people was not equatable in money, this is the ethos of care is sharing. 

Can you support us helping give someone a little boost! We turn donated money, goods and services given to us into welling for people and nature, this is not equatable in cash terms, but does make you really really happy. 


What we do is healthy, rewarding and fun, we are positive, proactive and respectful to all 

Contacting us should be as easy as ABC

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