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Thinking about tomorrow!

The Lych Gate

This area is the very reason we can choose what we do! 

There are plans to landscape this area and create a flower garden, as well as adding a peaceful seating area, which will generally uplift both the inside and outside aspects of this park entrance.

This project: Creation of a landscaped area around the Lych Gate. place a games table, installed a Rose or Wiseria covered pergola


Peaceful please to relax

Please to sit and meet friends to play table games

Funds: £600 already raised 

Volunteers and expertise required: 
If you can provide expertise in this area, or offer your help by volunteering on this project, please let us know.

Harrow Weald Recreation Ground Leading from the Lych gate, walking into the sensory areas and on towards the cafe

Whilst funds have been allocated, we aim to raise more, to allow us to progress and complete the work in as short a time as possible, and to make the entire area available for everyone to enjoy.



To donate materials: 

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All monies received will be put to the general pot for all our projects, if you want to donate to this project please leave us a message below. 



£ 600.00 Raised
£ 3200.00 Goal
18.75% Donated
133 Days Left
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