Mitzvah Day 2019

Starting on 17.11.2019 10:00

WHAT IS Mitzvah Day ?

Mitzvah Day is a day of social action that brings thousands of people of all faiths and of all ages, together to give their time, NOT their money, to make a difference to the local community around them.  Mitzvah Day, takes place this year on Sunday 19th November.

On Mitzvah Day 2018:

Over 40,000 volunteers took part

1400+ projects were begun

30 countries were involved

Over 100 interfaith projects happened

33 MPs got involved

1 amazing day of social action

Our community project for the day

To create an orchard around the North gate

To add bird and bat boxes

To enhance the dead wood area

To add these areas to our WildLife watch network


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We thrive on goodwill and volunteers, alone we can do so little together we can do so much.

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