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Boxtree Park

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Boxtree Projects

Come and laugh and have fun with The Friends of Harrow Weald Recreation Grounds Aka Boxtree Park

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Why litter picking and friends group are so important?

During lockdown we all experienced how well nature is doing, how things are quieter and when communities come together amazing things happen.

“Do litter pickers save you money or help your local Council stretch their money for all our good?”

Litter picking is important and it creates communities!

Enter our Magic Art competition and win prizes  All welcome

in partnership with 

During the competition if you are Harrow community group and want some free litter pickers please register here

Walking groups are great ways to get healthy, have fun with other locals.

Can you start a regular walking group. or maybe you have a local walking group, can we can help support your existing?

In mid 2019 Harrow Weald Recreation Ground will be opening a community space that we would like to start a regular walking group based in Harrow Weald Recreation Ground.


Install high quality easy read signage within the park with symbols and icons, for people whom both English is not their first language and people with learning disabilities or other literacy challenges where symbols can enhance independence.

To compliment the health walks around the park, marking 1k, 2k and 5k walks.

Making it accessible to all with ‘nature passports’ aimed at young people linked to the Nature scheme

The health walk routes are planned and the nature passports are developed.

This is an objective can be delivered in partnership with local business support.

Highlight the areas of parks in a clear, concise and fun ways, using easy speak signage 

PROJECT: WALKING PATHS- This should be planned at the same time as plans for updating the signs.

Walking paths can be allocated to implement 1k, 2k, 5k walks with integrated natural features, bug homes, places to stop and sit for the less stable.

It is a great idea to extend these walks by recording all benches and seats in the local area and places to stop, this will aid the creation of different interesting walking routes for variation and could incorporate local businesses.

Local business love participation by offering guaranteed toilet facilities, tea or beer stops and more.

This project will allow walkers to enjoy the grounds, and the less able people to know how far they can go with a break and find a seat and toilet if needed,

There are often walking groups in most areas, so these park paths should encourage many more people to walk around and interaction with each other and the local area.

THIS PROJECT: Designing and building several paths with distance specific help points.


Relaxing walks for health
Group walks
Staged walks for the less firm on their pins 



A good maintenance program for the upkeep of any ground and work should start in partnership with Local Council, We do not clash with the Councils statutory obligations..


The goal is to create trainee opportunities for gardeners and other skills needed around the park who will be taught and trained in the field. We expect this two year program will give this trainee a good starting point of general gardening knowledge.


Everyone should be welcome to get involved and to help create an inclusive, safe and exciting space where we can all enjoy the fruits of nature.

The aim is to create an open area that can cater for the needs of many people by providing, as well as a quiet and reflective place, a happy and welcoming environment to share with the group, to enjoy events and sport and where people can develop respect for the environment.


By keeping the park in good order over and above the Councils statutory duties, will often result in less littering, anti social behaviour and graffiti will occur and park users will be encouraged to care for their space in the longer term.

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Founded in 1908 on this very site Harrow Weald Bowling Club is the second oldest in Harrow.

At that time green maintenance was controlled by the grazing of sheep from the local farmer, now it is a little more sophisticated to cut and maintain the grass.

The lawns are perfect for an afternoon of fun, come and join us! Want to Learn how to play?

Our Bowling Season starts in 4th May.

New members welcome to join us

We welcome spectators to matches and offer free coaching to new members. This is usually available on Monday and Friday afternoons by arrangement by initially,

Please contact David Ashby on 020 8428 1158.

There is a small annual membership fee, which helps towards running costs.

We offer a very friendly atmosphere with a number of informal social gatherings for bowling and light refreshment.

Look forward to meeting you.



Wildlife watch area

Using the Bugs, Birds and Bats as the starting point, The plan for a local area "WildLife Watch Area" is easy and can be expanded to any environment

The wellbeing of any area is improved if the local community, park and local Authorities work together, integrated into one space, using good old fashion ideas, innovative modern technology which brings all this together.

There are so many wildlife features and simple ideas to easily add to a park, the list is endless. 

This project is to create a wide area network, that will allow locals to see the wildlife in the park, we also have some other innovative and fun ideas to incorporate within.


Creation of a landscaped area around the Gate. installed a Rose or Wiseria covered pergola, create high and low level planting areas and grow the gardening crew


Peaceful to relax

enjoy watching the nature flourish

chat with strangers

Please to sit and meet friends