While the most important issue for the Friends of the Park is to help maintain the wonderful open space that we can all benefit from, it was great fun for the community to join together for an entertaining quiz night

in January in the comfort of our local Brownie/Guide Hut in Maricas Avenue. The evening was a great success, and helped to raise funds for the ongoing projects in the park.

In the meantime, the numerous bulbs planted by the group over the past year, are now springing to life in the borders all around the park.  Newly planted shrubs are also growing and filling the border spaces.  This is just the start of the planting and landscaping that will be taking place during 2020. 

Everyone, young and old, is known to benefit both physically and mentally from using green and open spaces and our park provides great opportunities for this.  Fitness equipment is provided in front of the pavilion, which is currently being extended for the benefit of local football teams, and the children’s playground offers a great variety of fun and safe equipment.  The sapling trees planted to mark the start of our new orchard are developing well and we look forward, with the help of our volunteers, to adding more trees to enhance this area. 



Just a thank you and/or a smile is volunteering!

The Results!

The Members and volunteers of The Friends of Harrow weald would like to thank everyone involved with Mitzvah Day last year.

We won Mitzvah Day Going Greener Award
We just got back from the Mitzvah Day awards, people came from as far as Australia, down from the Ukraine, up from Manchester and across from as far away as Edgware, in fact people all over the planet got involved, in a day of being nice.
It was a very inspirational to be in the company of so many people like YOU AND ME, the room oozed with positivity BUT everyone there were only representatives of YOU and all the people around that help others and look after nature to make a difference.

Alone we can do so little together we can do so much!

The number of organisations that helped on the day was amazing, der crew was made up of lots of positive and happy people like, The Stanmore Brownies, Edgware and Hendon Reform Synagogue, Local businesses, Local Council representatives and The Friends Members and volunteers, random volunteers that turned up and everyone that chipped in to help support The Harrow Weald Mitzvah day effort.

Just a thank you and/or a smile is volunteering!
Some of our volunteers only have an hour to spare every so often, others spend many hours each week in the park, even the people that have no time still help and add value by saying thank you or smiling when they see volunteers around, all equally appreciated.

Find out more about us – We have a plan -

Working closely with the Local Authorities, and several other groups and organisations, we are transforming a previously rat-infested no-go park into an outdoor community centre and the roof in this outdoor community centre is designed by one of the world’s best ever artists and always look different to every person that looks at it.


Our park also offers the opportunity to play tennis and practice shooting for basketball and netball, as well as participating in the regular Wednesday Tai Chi sessions, walking your dog, walking alone, or with friends, or sharing some time chatting with another member of the community while relaxing on a park bench.  Fly a kite, or watch the beautiful living kites fly overhead. 

The stage area is now being constructed close to the Lych Gate and we look forward to seeing this take shape and to the events that will take place in this newly developed corner of the park, offering a great opportunity for local performers. 

Positive local feedback always gives the Friends a great boost and we were really delighted to receive the following beautifully written and reflective feedback from our friend and neighbour, Ken, from Harrow Weald Memorial Hall.  Particularly notable is his comment: “from Harrow Weald Wreck, to Harrow Weald Rec”!:

Rec not Wreck.

“Harrow Weald Recreation Ground – and living alongside it for over three generations

In the early years it was a proper park with a permanent keeper (Parkie), who tended the garden areas, especially the surrounds of the memorial semi-circular entrance, trimmed the bushes and kept all borders clean and tidy.

He opened and closed all gates and attended to the footballers who used the pavilion for regular pre- arranged matches.

He issued tickets for the tennis courts and timed the hire duration.

AND – wait for it !!! – also issued tickets and maintained the 9 hole putting green – now a muddy area in the trees, between the car park and the pavilion.

Another surprise was that the area between pine trees alongside the rear of the bus garage and the bushes alongside the bowls fence was all a fully fenced and gated grass court tennis club.  I suspect it was rented 60 odd years ago to a club, but suffered the general demise of respect when vandalism started to become an art form.

At that time however, even the council, under the tag of being an urban district, found sufficient care and concern to have an active parks department that regularly tended to the special needs of the putting green, the grass tennis court and even the bowls club lawn.

My friend Bernard worked for the council and looked after many of the council bowling greens on a visiting basis.

However, not all elements of care have been on the downward slope. In line with safety and duty of care, plus the success of the legal profession to make easy money, the playground area for children has long since been improved with less dangerous equipment, rubberised flooring, plus the appropriate maintenance.

Also, the newish exercise equipment has been a great addition and remarkably well used by all ages.

Lately, however, the recent introduction and energies of the FRIENDS have had a severe visual impact, so much so, that I regard the new model to claim back the original title of Harrow Weald Rec., via the many years of being Harrow Weald Wreck, back to Harrow Weald Rec.

Many thanks and congratulations to all of you who have taken part.


It is heartening to hear from long term residents of Harrow Weald, as well as those who have recently become part of our community, and we welcome all comments and ideas.

In 2019:

12 group meetings were held
20 + planning meetings took place
50+ event notices, risk assessments, licenses and health and safety forms were completed
100s of phone calls and meetings with the Council undertaken
10 toilets hired
20 paramedics on site
2 dog show judges joined our event
50 + meetings for joint co-operation with other organisations occurred
52 litter picks, including 6 Super Sundays with eggs and bacon, happened
365 days of emptying bins (nearly 2,000 bins) and litter picking were completed!
365 days of locking and unlocking 5 park gates were undertaken by volunteers
100s of posters were displayed around the park
6 apple trees planted in our new orchard
1 new container was installed (with another one on the way) = 1 move (from HQ to HQ)
52 Tai Chi sessions in the park (& health walks) were enjoyed

You can become involved in surpassing these numbers in 2020. 

We are always looking for volunteers to help us maintain the park to the best possible standard, and to help with the setting up and running of our events.  The Friends group is for the community and it is the community that makes our efforts and events a success.  If you can offer special skills this can be a bonus, but no skills are needed to join in.  Willingness and a wish to help is all that is needed.  It is not essential to always be available, but most people find that, once they have joined in, they enjoy the experience and the sense of being useful so much, that they will come back to help again.  Together people can make a difference and that difference can be seen. 

Volunteers can help with gardening, litter picking, distributing information, monitoring our stands at events, providing a cup of tea and a chat, and much more. 


We greatly appreciate the support that we receive from local businesses that are keen to sponsor our events, provide expertise, or materials for our projects.  For more information please contact us via this link: https://harrowweald.co.uk/event-sponsorship

If you would like to find out more, or would like to join our group of volunteers please follow the link:  https://harrowweald.co.uk/volunteer


Following our next film showing in March, we would love to hear from you with ideas about the film that you would like to see next.  What is your favourite comedy, romantic or dramatic film?  Follow the link to our Facebook page to let us know your ideas.  FACEBOOK

Full information about all our events being planned and set to take place can be found through our newsletter.  You can be sure not to miss out on what is happening locally by signing up to receive this here:    JOIN NEWSLETTER

A REMINDER for members of the Friends of Harrow Weald Recreation Ground, or those wishing to join, that all subscriptions should now be renewed.   Renewals can be made online.

Associate members are people who support our activities by making a yearly or monthly contribution, allowing the Friends to continue with creating the events and maintaining the facilities for everyone to enjoy. 

Sole membership is:  £5 per annum

Family/Couples membership:  £10 per annum

To renew or join please follow the link:


Please don’t forget that, as we are a registered charity, you can support us when you shop on Amazon, by using smile.amazon.co.uk and selecting us as your chosen charity.  Thank you.


Saturday 7th March: Big Screen Cinema featuring Toy Story 4.    3.00pm FREE  (Please note revised date of this event)

The screening of this great animated feature film for all ages, will take place in the Brownies’ HQ, Maricas Avenue.  The story continues with the familiar characters of Woody, Buzz Lightyear & Co teaming up with Bonnie and a new toy named Forky. They head off on a journey full of adventure.

Every Wednesday:  Tai Chi 10.00am  FREE

This group is run by Zhijun Wang, and includes a friendly walk from Enderley Road HA3 5HF, followed by a 30 minute session of Tai Chi.  Sessions are currently being held in the Brownies’ HQ in Maricas Avenue (opposite the entrance to Weighton Road).  New members are very welcome.

Every Sunday:  Litter picking, gardening and a get together.  10.00am to noon

Come along and join in with other people who want to get the best from our park and care about the community. 

Events coming soon:

We have a great array of events planned and full information will be available soon.  Please keep following our website and news article for updates.

We will also be featuring nature trails and opportunities to learn more about the wildlife in our park, and have some very exciting events coming up throughout the year.


Can you help display our posters to promote upcoming events?  Please let us know if you can offer a suitable additional site where they can be displayed.

We are in need of an experienced gardening company to help create the new landscaped areas and pergola for the park.  If you can help with recommendations, or are a company happy to discuss this with us, please get in touch.

Additional volunteers to lock and unlock some of the gates to the park are always needed.  This is particularly helpful when the existing volunteers are away, or are unable to fulfil this daily task.  Keeping the gates locked helps to reduced littering and anti-social behaviour and to make the park a better place for the community.

If you would like to set up a stall at any of our events, please contact us.  You are welcome to bring your own table, or tables can be rented by advance arrangement, at a cost of £5.00 per table per day.  Priority is given to local stall holders. 

Minutes can be downloaded