This last newsletter of the year is sent with love, kindest and best wishes for everything you want in your world in the coming year.

Thank you to everyone from the people that bought stuff from our partners, moaners, groaners, people that are just nice, and the awesome volunteers, members and partners we have been supported by through this odd year.

Warning: This email was not created by our regular wonderful wordsmith.

In the past year we have seen some incredible changes around our park, watching nature flourish, becoming a Covid Test centre and still the park volunteers continue, within the Covid rules.

We see volunteers litter picking the local streets because the park has been cleaned by the early bird litter pickers, we find volunteers tending their own care areas of the park in unison with our group projects and goals and covid rules, hundreds of bulbs have started to be planted and plans are underway for a lot of home-based events and competitions whilst preparing for the inevitable all clear day.

Try something!

New is healthy, failing is education – both are positive Trying new ideas should be a good thing, some will work, some will not, but surely the goal is to make things nicer in our lives – Take up drawing, smile in the mirror, look at the beauty nature provides, grow a bonsai, make a meal you think you cannot make – try something new, please.



Brexit: The non-contentious view

We are so lucky to share and learn from different cultures and experiences in thanks to our diverse community in Harrow, this only enhances all our lives and community overall.

All religions teach us to be nice, all religions are different, whether you’re a religious person or a person that believes evolution was our past, we all agree nature is important and needs to be healthy for our future and should be cared for.

So whatever you believe, If we lose the bees, we lose the tree’s.

Parks are vastly underfunded yet make the absolute best community centres.

If we can wish for anything this year it would be that everyone gets involved in their local park groups and bask in the satisfaction of taking responsibility for your local area in harmony with your neighbours, whether they are pink, black, green or blue, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist or Jew, we all share the fresh air and supermarket with you. (Find a park near you)

Notice of AGM:

All welcome only members can vote full details here;

Become a volunteer.

We are looking for some volunteers to help with our smart park community discovery platform project 

Community groups sign up now!

We are a community group that love what we do, we also fully understand how hard it is to extract money from the ether especially in times like this.

So we sat down drank copious barrels of cider and found ways to generate small sums of extra money from nothing.

We have create several simple ways to share money directly with other park and community groups, in fact our plans works much better when we share.

Sign up and receive details in mid January 

Can you support our smart park goals, help create tomorrow’s parks today!



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A massive thank you to all the people that helped this year


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