Creating tomorrow's parks today – 2022 will see plans and projects starting to take shape, we welcome you to get involved.

friendsnln0The Friends of Harrow Weald believe that parks make the very best community centres, and offer a unique opportunity to create tomorrow's parks today using a convergence of nature, technology, recycling, education and wellbeing for humans and bugs alike. 

If we don’t do it who will?

Event News (What's on Feb/March 2022 + provisional booked events for 2022 )

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Project updates (Litter picking - Gardening clubs)

Community partnerships (Home volunteering + Community event calendar)

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Recycling and donations (+ A great way to help your local park)

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Good news stories (2job update)

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The recent opening of ParkLife Café has allowed us to reliably schedule some of the many activities, events, projects, and plans involved around our park. 

As many people in the community will already be aware, the Friends of the Park originally began as a group dedicated to litter picking.  However, as often happens, things developed and we began to organise small events in the park.  Over time these events grew bigger and more varied, and our requirement for access to electricity and water also grew along with them. 

Then came the idea for the sad disused toilet block in the park to be transformed into a clean and friendly community cafe.  So, not only do we now have a vibrant café on site, but we also have the source for the power and water we need.

Creating tomorrow’s parks today!

Fortunately, Harrow Weald Recreation Ground (aka Boxtree Park) has been transformed by an army of local volunteers, who give their own time to improve the park areas.  They remove litter, plant new shrubs and plants and generally make our park a better place to be.

These are the people from the community who live in the local area and hope to enjoy what our park can offer.  They have a vested interest in ensuring that what happens in our parks is good for the local area.  They are the people who know what is needed in their park and see the changes that happen on a regular basis.  They help to counteract the cutbacks in funding for park maintenance. For this reason, we believe that these local community groups should be funded.  A small regular income would go a long way to allow for improvements to be put in place.

Working with the Council

Most local Councils provide a team to help clean our streets and to work on maintaining our parks.  In Harrow our Clean Team have become more limited by costs, lack of available time, and an increasing workload.  So, by having our volunteer teams working to help clean our park and surrounding areas, the Clean Team have been able to help us complete other tasks. 

This is a community agreed comment > We commend the good people within Harrow Council who support our volunteers in positive ways.

 - This years Apple appeal -

Start planning for you community apple juice "If you have any spare apples" why not support your local park group and recycle at the same time.  


6060 Event News

As Covid restrictions lift, we look forward to a full year of exciting events.  Of course, with the uncertainty still continuing, some of our events may have to be adjusted or cancelled.  But we are very pleased to announce the upcoming events for the next two months – fingers tightly crossed! 

On Saturday 12th February and on Saturday 12th March we will be holding an Online Quiz with Supper at 7.00pm:  Happily, these events, being online via Zoom (Code: 953-196-5619  Password 7aPEsf), will not be affected by any Covid restrictions!  Log on from 6.45pm. Food, delivered to your door in the Harrow Weald area, is available (order online in advance, or contact 07787 502146 for details). 

Also taking place online will be our group meetings (same password and log on details as given above) on Monday 21st February and Monday 21st March from 7.00pm (log on from 6.45pm).

In the park, our Super Sunday events will take place on Sunday 20th February and again on Sunday 20th March from 10.00am, offering you the chance to improve our park with litter picking and gardening.  Your reward?  Seeing the improvement in our park, but also refreshments offered when the work is done.  Meet behind the ParkLife Café.

There will also be a very special FREE event in the park on Friday 25th February at 6.00pm, when Mr David Arditti President of the British Astronomical Society, together with Paul Skidmore, will teach us more about the stars in our sky.  Bring a torch and binoculars to take part. 


In addition, in the future months we are looking forward to live music in the park, and on Saturday 4th June from noon, the second Harrow Weald Festival is planned to take place, in conjunction with the Queen’s Jubilee Celebration.  There are lots more exciting happenings to come, so watch this space!

2nd Feb - Opensource meetup Harrow

Whether you use Wordpress, Joomla or any other opensource software, we know it's good and healthy to share.

Wifi: might be Included -  Cost: Free - Knowledge Level: Basic

Initially limited to 10 spaces.

Subjects covered, or for discussion: 

Any open source - Server configurations - Website security - How to create a plugin - What is the best open source and why?

This is an opensource project that is designed to help educate anyone about opensource, joomla and wordpress .

This is aimed at people from 14 years of age upwards.   All things open source details here.

Community traders wanted for community events.  

We are building a centralised list of community event traders from Harrow and surrounding areas.

This list will be used on behalf of all park and community groups who would like to have trade stalls at their own community events.

Click here to add your details



6060 Social Marketing

What is social marketing and why is it different from normal marketing?

Social marketing offers a great way to support local communities, whilst providing your business with a host of marketing benefits

Could your business help turn parks into centres for the community that provide wellbeing for nature, bugs, and humans alike, with education and financial sustainability running through everything?

Just Google It!

Over the past few months, we have been adding new sections to our website, towards the goal of buildng an online opensource smartparks system. This is aided by Google’s kind gift that offers us £10,000 in google advertising revenue each month, which is to be used only on advertising.  

To make the most of this benefit we have been looking at creative ways to encourage the directing of this gift, into our events, projects and funds.

Gradually small drips of creative cash have started to appear.  As well as helping us to improve our park, we have started to find ways to use this Google gift and to share the advertising spend with other park groups, local businesses and community groups that support our goals.

Sharing is caring which is just pure love. 

Local business offer:

Your business can attract 1000 visitors to your website and also receive a mention in our news article.

Social marketing lets your business be seen by the community as a part of the community.

Find out how Social marketing is good for your business 


6060 Project updates

Litter picking project

The Friends of Harrow Weald began as group dedicated to clearing the litter from our local park.  However, as things have expanded, many people have begun litter picking in private roads and areas.  While this seems to be a great thing to do, it is actually costing those litter picking, and other residents, money.   This is how it works.

As a community that volunteers to litter pick in our area, we have 100% support from the council.  However, when we move into litter picking on private land, there is a cost to the  council (which also means to you and me) to remove rubbish that the businesses and landowner involved should be paying to remove.  But, we do have a solution for this problem.

Litter picking on private property, private roads, or other such areas:

Private land reporting tool (click here)

When you see private land that needs to be cleared of litter, please take a photograph and note the location details.  This information can then be reported to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the App and the council will investigate the location and coordinate a clean-up.

Where possible the land owners/offenders will be identified and either fined or issued an official warning to tidy up the relevant area within a two week deadline.

If this deadline is not met and the litter is not removed the enforcement team will work with the volunteers and the waste team to clear and remove the rubbish, the landowner or offender can then be billed to cover the resulting cost and may also be subject to enforcement action.

Litter picking in your roads

Litter picking in your own roads is totally supported by Harrow Council.  This is helpful to all residents and helps to keep the area tidy for the benefit of the community.  Please leave the bags of litter that you have collected beside the council bin, either at the corner of your road, or the nearest location to you.  The filled bags must be pushed back and not left out on the pavement, or any walkway, as this will be considered as fly tipping.  (Yes, it is a funny old world we live in!)

Litter picking on your parks

Harrow Council is 100% supportive of litter picking taking place in all the parks.

"If we don't collectively help the litter problem, who loses out?" 

Gardening club

In the past we have had great support for our gardening events in the park, including bulb and shrub planting, tidying existing shrubs and planting the first saplings for our proposed orchard.  The ongoing maintenance of the planted areas leading in from the Maricas Avenue entrance and the Lych Gate on the High Road, as well as the planting and upkeep of all of the large planters located close to the ParkLife Café, has been undertaken by members of our Friends Group. 

Particularly for those in the community who do not have access to their own private gardens, we feel that the opportunity to enjoy and nurture plants, trees and all of the natural beauty around us, is very important.  For this reason, we are delighted to announce that The Friends of the Park are now planning our very own gardening club, which will be open for everyone in the community to join. 

We already have volunteers who are keen to support many of the events that we hope to offer.  In the past we have been helped by members of the Royal Horticultural Society who have shown us how to make a terrarium planter, a wreath to decorate our doors, and helped us to make a great show of hanging baskets on the front entrance to the café.  These are all events that we hope to repeat, as well as expanding with new and interesting experiences for us all to enjoy. 

The Gardening Club will offer special events for our young gardeners, including the Cubs and Beavers, home schooled pupils, and any additional groups that would like to join.  Growing seeds, planting bulbs and creating art work, is all on the planned agenda.

Please watch our newsletters and the articles on our website and social media for more information about our Gardening Club for all!



6060 Community partnerships  


Free park and community group events calendar

We have gathered local information together to allow all Harrovians to learn about the events taking place in our local Harrow Parks and the community.  This calendar is integrated with several social media platforms, Google business and other online locations, making sure your event is seen.  The community can refer to just this one online source to obtain all the information they need about local events. 

We encourage you to register online and to add your own Harrow community events to the calendar.  However, we are happy to help with this, but, as volunteers, our time is limited.  

Once you have added your event information you can send it to your own Facebook page or other social media platforms. 

The event will also be included in our event feeds.

If you experience any problem when registering, please contact us and we will be happy to complete this, and will send full instructions to you regarding adding events.

Volunteers for the events calendar wanted:  Volunteer from home

We are looking for an additional person to help run the events calendar, we will be happy to teach and train anyone who is interested in helping with this role. 


 6060 A note for one of our business supporters

The Friends of Harrow Weald would like to thank and highly recommend our hosting company (Joomlawired) to any business needing a modern high quality, fairly priced above average service from their hosting provider.

We highly recommend Joomlawired

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If you want a hosting service that does not keep popping up with problems, every one of these guys are gems, the service they offer is stunning. If you were ever recommended someone who you consider as wow that’s good, I feel like the problem is sorted, Joomlawired is your answer.


Get your business into our community & business, social marketing mix start here! 


6060 Ways to get involved and volunteer  Ways to get involved and volunteer

We really welcome your help, your energy, and, more importantly, your personality.

We thrive and grow on getting involved with others.

So what do we do? We are generally busy organising nice "things" around Harrow Weald, Harrow, The Wealds and the general area. (Note that to classify all of the "things" we do would make a very, very long read!)

Our park is a community centre with a hive of "things" going on

Ways to get involved


6060 Recycling and donations + A great way to help your local parks 

Each year many fully grown apples fall from our trees and are wasted.   But this does not need to be the case.  Our community group will arrange to collect these apples from the local area and turn them in to our own community apple juice.  This bottled apple juice is then sold from our online charity shop or can be collected from the park, or ParkLife Café. 

We have secured the use of an apple press within Harrow, that is available to all park groups.  Now we are looking for a special person who can help us press these apples.  In addition to making the popular apple juice, we are also aiming to produce an annual batch of Harrow Cider.  If you can help us, we would love to hear from you.

If you are part of a park group in Harrow and would like to create and sell your own apple juice, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any help required.  You can start the ball rolling now by asking your park users to donate their unwanted apples. 

Harrow was once blessed with orchards of many different apple trees, each with their own variety and taste.  We think that our own apple juice tastes amazing, but what could your area produce?  Perhaps in 2023 we can run a Harrow apple day competition!

We are looking for various catering equipment items, cheap low cost or free please contact us

Volunteers wanted 


6060 Ways to support us online:

Amazon link

eBay   Last week we were delighted to learn of someone selling their products, with the proceeds being given to our smart park project.)

Become a grant writer – Grants can be difficult to write.  Can you help us to write grant applications?

Donate money.

Donate your time.

Donate materials and small goods for us to sell.

We are very lucky and grateful for the local support and donations that we already receive, but further donations of time, money and goods will enable us to do so much more.



6060 Good news stories (2jobs update)


For those that are unaware of 2Jobs

Good news for us and maybe bad news for you. The Director who has since jump ship out of Harrow, more than likely now working at another borough near you, stated via emal, this building (ParkLife cafe) was never intended for community use. Good bye bad apple.....Hello community, thats is good news.

We know Harrow Council is full of really excellent officers and councillors, when people complain about the "Council" it is the very few bad apples that ruin everything.    

This good news story is about the army of locals who have pulled together quite a major feat, together they have corrected and repaired so many of the mistakes and bad decisions made by 2jobs, without each one of these people, ParkLife Café would not be where is.

It was 2Job's financial acumen that could not even budget for a small sink to be put in ParkLife Café, which is required by law. Obviously, we have added the sink and received a level 5 score on the door with the Enviromental Health Officer, which would never have happened without the said sink and volunteer goodwill. This about the people that pulled together a good news story! Not another moan about the past

We would also like to thank the actual builder who worked so hard to make the building look so nice and stunning.

Humbling would be such an understatement, in awe would not be enough, but we do have a thank you plan.

Dear volunteers and active local residents, you are brilliant, it is a privilege to be part of our community.  

And Finally

It is impossible to mention all the good people we all have the pleasure to meet daily

The daily litter pickers, the weekly meetup people, the organisers, dog walkers, park strollers, the volunteers that go to regular local meetings with other organisations to help keep us all inform and the people that just help.

Without talking nothing would happen, without goodwill it would be hard, without cooperation it would be impossible.

Thank you to all the people that make our area nicer on so many levels.