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Official opening of ParkLife Cafe - Event details


Below in green italics is the copy the email sent:

This week saw the very soft opening of ParkLife cafe part of our project to create tomorrows parks today, by turning our park into a community centre for everyone

The past few weeks has seen an amazing stream of kind offers, so many people stepping up to help us get everything together, and the surprise at how well our first ParkLife cafe volunteer swept in, as if he had been here for years, a great first few days.


We are all connected round story of life and our melons.

Thank you to the lovely that asked if she could cut fruit? This kindly lady went to the supermarket, purchased some melons, came back, walked in cut, sliced, packaged, and marked the containers, smiled and said goodbye.

The next day in walked our friends from HAD unannounced (about 15 teenagers) we felt ill prepared, they all sat down, some ate their pack lunches, others purchased snacks, drinks, and pizzas! All were offered treats and fresh melon cut the morning previously by that lovely lady, how randomly lucky was that?

This is just one of the many amazing stories we have from less than one week.

Talking is so good!

There are now two guest chef lined up

We are now confident we have located the position of the bunkers in our park, the same person pointed out an amazing piece of history next to our building no-one notices.

Parks are such an underrated community asset; they bring happiness in spades in a non-contentious way.

Feeling proud to be involved with the many many people that feel responsible for our local area and park, we all see a difference.

November news article: 

The Friends of the Park would like to say a huge thank you to the many people who have helped us to achieve the soft opening of the ParkLife Café, (it has been more like a theatrical comedy of errors).  

We’re really excited to be able to announce the official opening, on Sunday 28th November, of the ParkLife Café.

Join the Friends and community from 4.30pm when we will be welcoming (xxxx) to cut the ribbon to officially open the ParkLife Café. 

The journey to reach this point has taken over two years, but we truly believe that the ParkLife Café will greatly enhance our community park.  So many people have helped us to reach this point, and at times it seemed like we all had a mountain to climb.  But, together, we are working towards creating tomorrow’s parks today, and one of the significant targets that we had set for ourselves to achieve has now been fulfilled!

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This is just one example of how, no matter where we begin, we can all join together to make things better for the park and our local community.  There are so many people who are responsible for making these changes happen, including our team of regular litter pickers, the talented fixers, professional craftsmen and skilled workers, and those who help us progress by keeping our spirits high with their positive attitude. 

The support of the Council staff quite literally opened the doors to the café for us, and we must make a special shout out to Councillor Graham Henson who is a very supportive and community minded man.  Councillor Henson saw the value in what we wanted to achieve and provided us with the building and, from there, the route for us to grow.   

Equally, Bob Blackman MP supported our cause and helped us enormously, particularly with solving the frustrating problem of getting the water supply to the café in place - not least through the contact numbers in his little black book!   Without the kind support, energetic input, and effort from both of these men, we would still be waiting to fulfil our dream.


ParkLife Cafe

Now that we have access to the café we look forward to creating a great place for our community to join together, to meet and make friends, while at the same time helping us to raise profits from the ParkLife Café sales and events, which will be used to further improve the park and community’s wellbeing.  

All profits fund our park and community activities

All this within our ethos of supporting nature, recycling, technology and wellbeing for humans and wildlife alike.

We look forward to seeing your there! 


 Join us for Mitzvah day from 10.00am on Sunday 21st November - Full details

Due to the hard work and dedication of our many community helpers, we are glad to say that Harrow Weald recreation ground is now a very clean park.  This makes the activities of Mitzvah Day a lot less demanding for us all, though there are always lots of things that we aim to achieve. 

We will be adding more sapling trees to the orchard, which we began planting last year on Mitzvah Day, as well as planting seeds and tidying the High Road section of the park.  In preparation for the Living Wall development, along the side of the bus garage, we will be clearing the newly gated Metroline strip of land, to make it suitable for community use.

The copse, close to the children’s playground, will also be given our attention, as we will be thinning out the trees, and generally tidying the area, to allow the trees to thrive.  In addition, all boundary hedges will be litter picked and the areas beneath and around them will be revitalised to help support the helpful bug population. 

If you can help with any activities, your support will be greatly appreciated, but please feel free to come along to learn more about the things that the Friends aim to do to make our park a welcoming place for the community and wildlife alike.  Come and enjoy some time with other residents, whatever the weather.

This year we will also be including our Super Sunday style breakfast snack and drink, and an opportunity to relax and chat.

As a bonus we will run a fun competition for participants.  But if you don’t win, you will still be a winner, as we have discovered that spending time with nature and supporting the community gives us great happiness.  And that is really what Mitzvah Day is all about.  An international day of social action that brings thousands of people, of all faiths and of all ages, together to give their time, NOT their money, to make a difference to the local community around them.

Pictures from last Mitzvah day!  





Litter Picking - Full details

Following the launch of our litter picking hub, we are delighted to say that we have just supplied 125 litter picking gift bags to local groups, including an MP's office, which has now become one of our hubs.  Not only does this mean that the litter picking activities in our park are continuously being undertaken, but many areas of the borough are actively being maintained as litter free areas by the community conscious residents. 

Keeping litter at bay and our streets and park areas pleasant areas to inhabit, is something that benefits us all.  So, if you would like to get involved, please see the information provided on our website.

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Royal horticultural society - Full details

That time of year is coming – yes Christmas is just a matter of weeks away and we have some wonderful events upcoming! 

To help you get ready for the joyful season, we have our knowledgeable friend Chris Young, a Royal Horticultural Society Community Outreach Adviser, hosting a special Zoom session to teach us all how to make a Christmas wreath.  Even if you have never tried anything like this before, Chris will provide the knowledge to help you complete your own special Christmas decoration.

All are welcome to join this FREE event.  Just use the following Zoom Code:

953-196-5619, followed by the Password 7aPEsf.

Please log on from 6:45pm for a 7.00pm start on Tuesday 7th December

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A special Christmas carol event in the park - Full details

On Sunday 19th December The Friends are also hosting a special Christmas carol event in the park, by the café, when we will be extremely pleased to welcome members of Rock Chorus, who will entertain us with their wonderful renditions of many great Christmas favourites such as:

“Fairytale of New York”, “Happy Christmas War is Over”, “All I Want for Christmas is You”, “I Wish It Could be Christmas Everyday”, “Keeping the Dream Alive” and “Shining Light”.

As well as raising a huge amount of money for charity, Rock Chorus, which was formed in 2009 by singer/songwriter Lauren Field, provide a great fun and learning experience for all singers who would like to join them.  The local group meet regularly in Pinner.

Mulled wine (or non alcoholic alternative) and mince pies, will be served and there will be Christmas themed stalls to explore. 

Everyone is welcome to join us from 4.00pm for a 4.30pm start.  We look forward to seeing you there for the start of the festivities.