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friendsnln0The Friends of Harrow Weald believe that parks make the very best community centres, and offer a unique opportunity to create tomorrow's parks today, using a convergence of nature, technology, recycling, education and wellbeing for humans and bugs alike. 


‍It’s a great joy for all of The Friends’ volunteers to look forward to a spring and summer time of events that are scheduled to take place in our park once again. Last year our events were mostly cancelled, or took place via Zoom, but, as welcome as those interactions were, we can’t wait to mix with our local community to share some great upcoming events.

It is especially exciting, because, this June the nation will be celebrating the fantastic occasion of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Our own local celebrations of this historic event will be combined with the 2nd Harrow Weald Festival which takes place in our local Boxtree Park (Harrow Weald Recreation Ground) on Saturday 4th June from midday onwards. As well as great music, there will be lots of entertainment for children and adults alike. If you like, fun, art, animals, entertainment, browsing stalls, and good food, don’t forget to look out for our updates with full details. 

However, while we appreciate the beauty and enjoyment that we have around us, we are very much aware of the horror that is facing so many displaced families from the Ukraine. It is something that cannot be ignored, and we know that many people in our community are keen to provide any help and support that they can.



If we don’t do it who will?

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 - This year's Apple appeal -

Start planning for your community apple juice.  If you have any spare apples, why not support your local park group and recycle at the same time?  


6060 Event News


For those of us still lucky enough to be able to enjoy our normal life, our next park event is taking place on Sunday 17th April from 12 noon.    Come along for a fun and FREE Easter Egg Hunt around the park, for children and their accompanying adult!  Search the park to find the clues and enjoy a sweet chocolate treat at the end. 

It’s not long to wait for another treat – our FREE online quiz, hosted by Jeremy, is set to go ahead on Saturday 9th April at 7pm (log on from 6.45pm).  An optional supper is available to order in advance, for delivery within the local area.  Please order online or by calling the usual number.

Our series of quiz nights continue monthly and we will be enjoying more live music in the park, beginning with great local favourites DNR, who join us on Friday 13th May.  Definitely something to look forward to. 

WE WELCOME BACK OUR ADOPTED TREES AND GROWERS -- Everyone is welcome to join us each Sunday at 10.00am to help with litter picking and general jobs around the park.  Our next Super Sunday event, when, after completing our volunteering jobs, we enjoy great refreshments provided by the ParkLife Café, will be held on Sunday 1st May from 10.00am to 12 noon.  On this day, we will also be welcoming the local residents who have been nurturing saplings for planting out into our open areas. 

We look forward to sharing these events, and many more that are planned for the year ahead, and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the community who have helped to support us by giving their time, skills, donations and kind words.  It means a lot. 

HW FestivalJubilee1900





6060 Social Marketing

What is social marketing and why is it different from normal marketing?

Social marketing offers a great way to directly support local communities, whilst providing your business with a host of localised marketing benefits.

  • Advertise on our website
  • Sponsor an event
  • Help fund community projects

Could your business help turn parks into centres for the community that provide wellbeing for nature, bugs, and humans alike, with education and financial sustainability running through everything? 

We offer a great way to support local communities whilst providing your business with a host of marketing benefits.


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6060 Project updates


HATS OFF TO HARROW LITTER PICKERS! The litter picking movement in Harrow is growing PLEASE RECORD YOUR BAGS: CLICK HERE

Whether you're a sedate litter picker, or part of the litter picking army of volunteers; together we have all begun to make a massive difference.

In the first three months of this year, we have recorded more bags of litter removed than in the whole of last year. It is important that you record your bags. PLEASE RECORD YOUR BAGS: CLICK HERE

"If we don't collectively help resolve the litter problem, who loses out?" 

LitterPicking n




6060 Community partnerships

Community partnership allows us all to grow together.> It is impossible to list the number of possibilities. Please give us a call, or pop into our ParkLife Cafe for chat. Turning parks into community centres is creating tomorrow’s parks today.


This month we are pleased to further explore our relationship with Harrow Art Society; The Harrow Art Society was founded in 1934, and is the longest running art society in the area. Their first exhibition was held in December 1935! Membership is open to all artists and creative people, from amateurs to professionals, of all abilities and ages. The programme of events, demonstrations, workshops, film shows, talks and socials, are held on Saturday afternoons, usually from 2pm-5pm at: Harrow Arts Centre-171, Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Pinner, Middx HA5 4AE FIND OUT ABOUT MEMBERSHIP


RETAIL WHOLESALE COFFEE PARTNER Sales support our community activities.

A creamy mild tasting coffee with a strong calm flavour. Traditionally made Italian coffee. Wholesale available. Click here to purchase.



6060 Community news stories


While we appreciate the beauty and enjoyment that we have around us, we are very much aware of the horror that is facing so many displaced families from the Ukraine.

It is something that cannot be ignored, and we know that many people in our community are keen to provide any help and support that they can.

We are, therefore, delighted to see our community come together to help Ukrainian families by collecting toiletries, sanitary items, mobility aids and books for young children, which are among the suggested items for donation. Please follow our website information for full details and for the addition of new collection points.


ParkLife Café and our local Audi VW Specialist Centre in Elmgrove Road, Harrow, are now nominated collection points for donated items that can help provide some benefit and love to the people who are struggling without their home, and their usual comforts. 



Ukraine leaflet


 6060 A note for one of our business supporters

Manfredonica coffee offers you a blend of two rich flavours, making it incredibly flexible for all cafe drinks and iced drinks.

It offers a strong and intense flavour with a separate sweet crème.

Aroma and taste: Strong, persistent.

Crème: Strong, with sweet retro taste.



6060 Ways to get involved and volunteer  Ways to get involved and volunteer

Thank you for reading our volunteering section.

We really welcome your help, your energy, and, more importantly, your personality. We thrive and grow on getting involved with others.

So what do we do? We are generally busy organising nice "things" around Harrow Weald, Harrow, The Wealds and the general area. (Note that to classify all of the "things" we do would make a very, very long read!)

Our park is a community centre with a hive of "things" going on

Ways to get involved


6060 Recycling and donations + A great way to help your local parks 

Each year many fully grown apples fall from our trees and are wasted.   But this does not need to be the case.  Our community group will arrange to collect these apples from the local area and turn them in to our own community apple juice.  This bottled apple juice is then sold from our online charity shop, or can be collected from the park, or ParkLife Café. 

We have secured the use of an apple press within Harrow, that is available to all park groups.  Now we are looking for a special person who can help us press these apples.  In addition to making the popular apple juice, we are also aiming to produce an annual batch of Harrow Cider.  If you can help us, we would love to hear from you.

If you are part of a park group in Harrow and would like to create and sell your own apple juice, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any help required.  You can start the ball rolling now by asking your park users to donate their unwanted apples. 

Harrow was once blessed with orchards of many different apple trees, each with their own variety and taste.  We think that our own apple juice tastes amazing, but what could your area produce?  Perhaps in 2023 we can run a Harrow apple day competition!

We are looking for various catering equipment items, cheap, low cost, or free. Please contact us

Volunteers wanted 


6060 Ways to support online:

Amazon link

eBay   Sell products on ebay!

Become a grant writer – Grants can be difficult to write.  Can you help us to write grant applications?

Donate money.

Donate your time.

Donate materials and small goods for us to sell.

We are very lucky and grateful for the local support and donations that we already receive, but further donations of time, money, and goods, will enable us to do so much more.



6060 Ways to support us in ParkLife Cafe

Easter raffle: Tickets available in ParkLife Cafe

1st Prize Lindt 1kg Easter Bunny

2nd Prize 2 x Scone and Cream tea's @  ParkLIfe Cafe

3rd Prize Lindt chocolate Easter egg

Prizes can be collected from ParkLife Cafe

raffle Bunny

Community Apple juice - Available in ParkLife Cafe

Community Orchard Apple juice has been made in partnership with our friends over at the processing factory.
This is 100% natural

  • Pasteurised with over 1 year’s shelf life
  • Must be consumed within 5 days of opening
  • Local deliver to Harrow Weald or collection only
  • Limited supplies

View and purchase local artists works

A selection of handmade sweet bags

Great coffee

Great Shak shuka 


6060 Good news stories



Another great highlight of the year is the opening, on Monday 25th April, of our very own art gallery within the ParkLife Café.

Local artists will be displaying their art works, which will be available to buy.

New displays will be created every two months, so adding a new vibrant atmosphere within the cosy café.

To enjoy the first open viewing of these artistic creations, WE INVITE YOU TO OUR LAUNCH OPENING come along at 7.00pm when all are welcome. MORE DETAILS HERE


off the wall



ParkLife Café was originally designed by a nice guy called Alan. When he read the initial plans, he developed some ideas into the design to help our plans along, many of which was ruined by the project managers and other bad apples, however we are pleased to announce with the help of many locals, our community training area and pop up facilitity is now in the final stages.

What does this mean?

This project will allow us to offer our community training course.

This also means! 

We will be offering a great opportunity for local caterers and budding cooks to share their culinary skills in the newly set up Pop-Up located @ ParkLife Café. For full information follow our website link here:


And Finally

It is impossible to mention all the good people we all have the pleasure to meet daily

The daily litter pickers, the weekly meetup people, the organisers, dog walkers, park strollers, the volunteers who go to regular local meetings with other organisations to help keep us all informed, and the people that just help.

Without talking nothing would happen, without goodwill it would be hard, without cooperation it would be impossible.

Thank you to all the people that make our area nicer on so many levels.


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